The Diary Game: 10th/03/2022 || My Thursday Activities.

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Greetings to everyone here and the entire blockchain. It is yet another wonderful Thursday. I want to thank the leaders of the community and the @steem-sea for bringing out this contest. I want share my daily activities in the theme provided to everyone in the blockchain.

Today is Thursday,the 10th of March 2022. I wake up early this morning,as a Muslim,I performed my religious activity that is observing my morning prayer at 5:20am. After the prayers,I went back to an hour sleep. I woke up at 6:57am, I took my bath and breakfast. After that,I visited a friend of mine, we discussed the matters back at school.


I introduced steem to him,he was very happy hearing that. So he asked me if am sure or I believe steem, I told him that is a legit platform that one can trust. We talked about a lot,after that I went back home around 1:00 pm.



After I got home, I took some rest and go round my area to clear some rubbish(empty bottles), because managing those waste is a big problem in my area. so I took some time on that.


A place we normally burn out rubbish.

Sometimes,we burn them and at times we sale it to those who produce liquid soaps for reuse. That is how I spent my day.

I want to thank everyone for taking their time in reading my post.


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