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The second part of the Semeru Emergency Response implementation program has been implemented by the ACT in Java Island. The second stage of the implementation has reached a total of 2166 food packages on January 17th from the initial of 3000 food packages. The ACT representative has reported on January 21st the distribution of the food packages on January 17th for 500 beneficiaries has been completed as the information below:


Day/date: Monday, January 17th, 2022

Time of distribution: 08:00 to 11 AM

Location: Kajar Kuning Village, Candipuro Village, Lumajang Sub-Regency

Beneficiaries: 500 Reconstruction and Recovery Volunteer

Report Narration:

Thank Allah for the blessing, The implementation of the Humanitarian Food Bus in Candipuro Lumajang-East Java has been implemented. The ACT team powered by @steem.amal served 500 food packages for the community and rehabilitation volunteers of the Semeru Volcano Eruption, the distribution of the foods was not to the community but also to the volunteer who worked for recovery and rehabilitation in the location. The distribution of the food packages gets attention and appreciation from the local government and other humanitarian organizations. They thank Steem Amal and Act for such goodwill and helping them by providing food and clean water. This narration is translated as reported by ACT representative

Below is the photo report of the food distribution in the field:







As of today, the implementation has been completed and will be presented in the next report soonest received from the ACT representative.

Our hands have reached the most vulnerable of the affected family since the first launched steem.amal humanitarian programs. We hope we could reach more and more people.

Today, our volunteer has implemented the emergency response for the fires in Blang Pulo, Muara Satu sub-regency North Aceh. Three families have been affected and they have nothing left!. Steem amal spreading its hands to support them with IDR 9,000,000. The complete report will be publish in different posts.

Steem amal keeps pushing forward to support those in need when and where possible, with your shared reward steem amal is possible to do more good deeds to those in need.

Thank you very much for the support and appreciation, should you see our action is good for humanity, we welcome anyone who wants to support the steem.amal by sharing the reward to the @steem.amal account.

Million thanks to the steemit team and all donators who have supported our action and program implementation!

With my best regards




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Stay steadfast in the face of trials, my brother. I am in aceh and I always send prayers for all of you.

Thank you @malek92, stay safe and healthy for you too, and wish you all the best

Terimakasih @el-nailul..

Great work steem.amal..spreading kindness everywhere

In syaa Allah sist. Thank you for your support as always.

Alhamdulillah....semoga Allah membalas kebaikan para donatur dan diberikan ketabahan bagi para korban semeru

Aamiin. Senang sekali bu @dederanggayoni ikut menyumbangkan do'a demi kelancaran kegiatan kemanusiaan ini.