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Hello everyone.

You may have seen the recent activities of the steam amal program implementation in the field recently as @anroja and I have updated regularly. The update report is posted in the personal account based on the responsibility of the person in charge of each of the programs in the field.


The are several projects running in the field as I would like to present you here in this post, and those program implementations are as below:

Semeru Volcano Emergency Response

Semeru Volcano Emergency Response in East Java is still ongoing; the distribution of the food packages has reached out to 2500 beneficiaries as of January 18th, meanwhile, I am waiting for the latest report of the implementation from the ACT representative in the field.

Day/date: Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Time of distribution: 08:00 to 11 AM

Location: Kamar Kajang, Jembatan Gladak Perak Village, Lumajang Sub-Regency

Beneficiaries: 500 Reconstruction and Recovery Volunteer

Below are the photo gallery of the implementation;



Community Economic Development

The community economic development was implemented in Pidie Regency to support the vulnerable orphans with the goat farming program. The program is led by @anroja himself as the steem ama leader and the program has been completed and handed over on Wednesday, January 26th, 2022, @anroja and @rastaufik10 visited Adi Saputra a young boy who has to take care of his family after their parent passed away a few months ago. This program includes the training and capacity building for Adi Saputra since 5 months ago. The training for Adi Saputra was included in the program for increasing the success rate of the program while we expected that he will have enough capacity to develop sustainable economic development. The total budget is about IDR 10,000,000 including the training fees and buying 4 goats as the starting capital. Detailed information can be seen in the link below:

Photo Gallery:





Fire Emergency Response in Lhokseumawe

A week ago our volunteer team has conducted a survey for the fire incident in Blang Pulo Village, the fire came from the motorbike repair shop as reported by @radjasalman in his assessment post as below link:

3 Families were affected by the incident and steem amal decided to support them with the most needed item as the emergency situation in the field based on the assessment report. As much as IDR 9,000,000 allocated to support the incident powered by steem amal Indonesia. Anroja as the steem amal leader reported about the response by WhatsApp and followed with the internal meeting to decide the response priority accordingly. The emergency item has been handed over by volunteer coordinator @radjasalman in Lhokseumawe as reported in the link below

Photo gallery of the fire incident:




Note: Photo is property of steem amal and for reporting purposes only

Steem amal keeps pushing forward to support those in need when and where possible, with your shared reward steem amal is possible to do more good deeds to those in need.

Thank you very much for the support and appreciation, should you see our action is good for humanity, we welcome anyone who wants to support the steem.amal by sharing the reward to the @steem.amal account.

Million thanks to the steemit team and all donators who have supported our action and program implementation!

With my best regards




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Melalui dukungan @steem.amal, kita berharap mereka terus terberdayakan.

Kita berharap demikian bang

Luar biasa program yang sangat membantu masyarakat :)

Terima kasih dukungannya pak @waterjoe

Saya mendukung program steem.amal..menebar manfaat untuk sesama. Keep it up

Terima kasih do'anya, seperti biasanya:)

Terima kasih kanda @el-nailul atas update informasi laporan lintas kegiatan amal dari komunitas. Semoga kami terus termotivasi untuk terus beramal semampu yang kami bisa. Salam sukses selalu.

Kerja keras kita tidak akan berhasil tanpa dukungan banyak pihak. Terima kasih dukungannya selama ini pak @ridwant, alhamdulillah kita masih punya motivasi beramal sampai sekarang.

Sama - sama kanda El