The Diary Game, Promo Steem, May 13th, 2022 : Got A Bunch Of Lores After Meet Up With My Beloved Steemian At Ghathaf Coffee Premium, Teupin Punti

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Hi my dearest Steemian ☺️.
How's life ? May Yaa Mujiib ijabah all your du'a in this lovely month, May 2022 🕌🌛. Happy Eid Day, my brothers & sisters 🤍🌜😇

This morning I my nephew back to his Islamic boarding school. So after got breakfast together, we gave a warm hug and kiss each others to say good bye to my nephew due to the fact that the travel, HiAce has picked his up to our house

At 1 pm I prepared myself. Taken a bath and get dressed. Yazz. Some of my pretty ladies, Mrs. @dederanggayoni and Mrs. @sailawana has call and chat me by Whatsapp. Yep, we had an invitation to meet up and gathering Steemian at Ghathaf Coffee Premium, Teupin Punti

Approximately an hour later, Mrs. Dede picked me up by her car. I got permit and shake hands to my lovely sibling and kiss my cutie nephew, a baby boy.

We stopped our car at Cunda near Gor Lhokseumawe to picked Mrs. Sailawana up. And Alhamdulillah about twenty minutes later we arrived at the special place at Ghathaf Coffee Premium, Teupin Punti to attend the special event, Meet Up & Gathering Steemian.

Flower boards from some communities, there are @steemseacurator @steempreneurship Steem For Better Life & Hot News Community

@steemseacurator 🌏💙

@steempreneurship Steem Kindness 🤍

I was pretty shocked at that time inasmuch as quite crowded. Some of Steemian had attend in that place. Mostly men there. There are some women also.

Well, a lot of new face which is I just know and look at the first time. And some of them I met about a year ago in a big day also, Meet Up & Gathering Steemian at Pak Ulis Cafe.

It was an unforgettable moments owing to the fact that the Steemian greeting each others and welcome plus gave a warm-smile every single time day meet a Steemian even if new or old Steemian.

The atmosphere around Ghathaf Coffee Premium, Teupin Punti

Some juices & french fries at Ghathaf Coffee Premium, Teupin Punti

A bunch of Steemian meet up & gathering at Ghathaf Coffee Premium, Teupin Punti

The big event open by a talented man as a master of ceremony, Mrs. @resyiazhari. Then continued some explanation concerning Learn With Steem, tagging, some communities, achievements and so forth by Mr. @radjasalman @alee75 @tucsond @anroja @klen.civil @irawandedy @ayijufridar and the last but not least is Mr. @heriadi

They gave us a bunch of lores about how the way to make a good posts, a good writing, motivation and etcetera related Steemit. Much obliged for sharing and caring each others, my brothers.

Mr. @radjasalman @heriadi @anroja @klen.civil @alee75 @tucsond (from left to right side)

Took some pictures with Mr. @anroja & Mrs. @sailawana @firyfaiz plus an English teacher

With my beloved Steemian in the special event, Meet Up & Gathering Steemian at Ghathaf Coffee Premium, Teupin Punti

Our happy face ba'da sharing & caring in the special event, Meet Up & Gathering Steemian at Ghathaf Coffee Premium, Teupin Punti

Incoincidentally met ma pretty ladies @magkfirah0908 @muhammadadrian14

With Mr. @harferri & my gorgeous ladies

Ma stunning ladies Mrs. @dederanggayoni @sailawana @pecintabunga20 & Ms. @fitriafifa

We listen some explanation about Steemit while enjoying some juices and meals, french fries on our table.

Well this is the first time in my life that I visited that place Ghathaf Coffee Premium, Teupin Punti I do love the atmosphere, the cafe design, the foods and beverages and so on about that cafe.

After sharing and caring each others, we had a small talks, introduction, build a communication and discussion with some of Steemian after the event finished about 6 pm.

Alhamdulillah I got a bunch of knowledges, some of new friends and togetherness ba'da met up and gathered with my beloved Steemian.

We took some pictures before back to our house to capture our lovely moments in the big event, Meet Up & Gathering Steemian with our curator representative Indonesia, Mr. @anroja and some of our curators team, there are Mr. @heriadi @radjasalman @tucsond @harferri @alee75 @klen.civil @irawandedy

Such a pleasure also to met my gorgeous Steemian from Matang Kuli, Geudong, Peunteut, Kandang, Lhokseumawe, Ms. @firyfaiz @fitriafifa @magkfirah0908 @muhammadadrian14 and Mrs. @sailawana @dederanggayoni @fwinanda @safridafatih @ellia @aisyahmychun @pecintabunga20 @maryulis and etcetera

And also my brothers Mr. @f2i5 @saifuddin73 @waterjoe @muzack1 @resyiazhari @afrizalbinalka @akmalhariamuna @bangmimi @teukumuhas @ponpase @zulhendra @teukuipul87 @sabarman @neukyan @muhammadbakrie @ibnusakdan and so forth.




And finally all men Steemian took a pictures together. Sure, ladies too. Hoho

Ba'da Isya, I prepared myself to go the training sport centre to do aero body core and zumba dance. I am dying for zumba, definitely.

An hour later after did aero body core and zumba, Alhamdulillah my body full of bullets sweat.

Full of bullets sweat ba'da aero zumba

I took my cellular phone then started typing to make some posts in some of communities in Steemit.

I switch off my package data on my mobile phone, made a little du'a and recited TriQul thereafter hit the hay.

Have a blessed night, fellows 🤍😇

Thanks a billion to Mr. @anroja @radjasalman @nazarul @herimukti @heriadi @firyfaiz @mirzamg and @el-nailul for the support.

Warm regards,


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Please refrain from using the tag #learnwithsteem inappropriately. This post has nothing to do with the contest of the tag. #learnwithsteem is strictly meant for educational content in form of a lesson or tutorial. Thanks.

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I do apologize in advance 🙏🏻
Actually I realized about that and I knew the meaning of learn with Steem related with the tagging 🙏🏻 I meant, I just tell that is the meet up Steemian talks about learn with Steem
And I have changed it, anyway.

However, big thank you for correcting me @steemcurator09 ☺️

Pengalaman meet up yang seru ya..nur..smoga bs terulang lagi

Yazz Kak... Alhamdulillah banyak ilmu pengetahuan baru yang didapatkan ba'da kepulangan dari Acara Met Up & Gathering Steemian 😄