Gemini Rue Gameplay

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Cyberpunk graphic adventure game Gemini Rue was released by Wadjet Eye Games.


It uses a point and click interface to interact with the environment to solve puzzles and communicate with characters.

It is a graphic adventure game, where the player controls a character to explore their local environment and interact with people and objects as to solve puzzles.


An additional feature above most graphic adventure games is a limited gunplay control scheme, where the player can control their character to shoot and aim from behind cover.

The character Azriel possesses a communicator device that lets him call other characters or look up information on terminals via a limited text interface.


At certain times, the player is able to switch between two characters, located in different areas of the game's world, proceeding through each of these stories separately until they reach a common story.

Gemini Rue takes place in the 23rd century within the Gemini System, a star system recently declared independent from the Taurus and Pleaidas System through the war ten years prior to the beginning of the game.

Though peace has come, the war left a power void, and the mafia-like Boryokudan crime syndicate controls much of the system, using its control of a drug called Juice.

The game initially follows two characters.


One is Azriel Odin, an assassin now turned to a law enforcer who is seeking to get any information about his brother Daniel.

While searching the planet of Barracus, Azriel is aided by his friend and pilot Kane Harris, who maintains their spacecraft in orbit.


Azriel comes to aid Matthius Howard, a friend of Azriel's from the previous war who is wanted by the Boryokudan and who claims to have information on Daniel's location.

His information is tentative, pointing to a secret facility, Center 7, in a nearby nebula where Daniel may have been taken. Azriel convinces the Boryokudan to give him the location of Center 7 in exchange for Azriel retrieving a missing Juice supply to the Boryokudan, which is eventually revealed to have been stolen by a woman named Sayuri, who reveals she had escaped from Center 7 one year previously.


Azriel eventually gets the location of Center 7 while still destroying the Juice supply, and leaves Barracus for Center 7 along with Kane, Matthius, and Sayuri, who claims to have left someone behind on Center 7.

The other character is Delta-Six, who later takes the name Charlie.

When Delta-Six first awakes he finds himself in a rehabilitation center for criminals, lacking any memories of his past, but promised by the center's "director" that by completing tests involving gun training he will be allowed to go free.

As he meets other patients, it is clear that he previously had tried to escape the facility but had his mind wiped after he was captured.

Giselle, one of the patients that had tried to help him escape before, directs him to keep up the escape plan and not to complete the final test as he would be sent to have his mind wiped again.

Charlie is nearly killed by another patient, Balder, who is angered by his attempts to escape, but Charlie breaks free and burns off most of Balder's face in his escape.

He attempts to escape along with Giselle and Epsilon-Five, another prisoner, who does not choose a name for herself.

Giselle is killed and Charlie wounded and recaptured by an angry Balder.

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