If death comes knocking, will you answer the door?

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Me- Who is this?

Death, Death.

Me- Whose death?

Death- yours. I am your death.

Me- I've never met you before, how can you be mine?

Death- inevitable, I come only once, but to everyone. Your time.

Me- (interesting) So was it fixed long ago, when you would have come to me?

Both- and not both. yes because everyone's life goes backwards by birth itself. No, people do not know when this number will reach zero.

Me- Now have you been there? is it just the last number I stand on now?

Death- you get it. It is like the oil in a lamp, it burns constantly, but the fire in the lamp is extinguished only when the last drop of oil is burned. That is how life and death work.

Me- Is it okay to look good when some have too much oil in their lamps and others have too little?

Death- Righteousness and Injustice everything you do. people have made such assumptions in their minds. In nature there is nothing right or wrong, it is all a continuous cycle.

Me- if it's a continuous cycle, where do I get into it?

The death of one of the billions of cycles in the universe.

Me- too big. So it has never been necessary for my cycle to start and end. would all be the same without all this.

Death- Yes, at a broader level, it is less important. But on your individual level, your very existence is yours, that's all you can know. So in your knowledge cycle is all that matters. But why are you worried about all this?

I don't know. are you really here to remove me?

Death- yes. We are leaving.

Me- that's stupid dude, you should have known about advanced. I would have completed at least the quora answer. now i don't know if they will vote for an incomplete answer.

Death- Don't worry, I would also visit those who do not vote.

Me- you wouldn't really?

Death is over… ..



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start success go! go! go!

Such a creative post. Worth reading......

It can ccombine with buddhism.buddhism will explain this better than this. Your vison is a good conversation talk to brains &❤ s.