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its just very sad to see a good platform like sportstalk going down i was on steem engine was cheching the coins price i see even the photo coin is more expensive than the sportstalk coin sad but photo coin you only post photo with no writing but sportstalk you have to write a lot and they want to do good post with the good picture with the source of the picture and the price still don't even move so sad for all the people buy sportstalk when the price was expensive because don't no hope for the sportstalk platform to go up and the referee get pay a lot of sporystalk coins to help but now nothing just feel sad for everyone even myself because i use to buy when price was expensive.20200119_124204_HDR.jpg

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If people like yourself didnt circle jerk, and write shit posts, perhaps the platform would do better. Try being part of the solution instead of the problem.
Noted that your last 3 posts have been shitposts whinging....see my point?

PS What is that Kalou tag please?

The platform is about the content first, rewards second. Please bear that in mind!!

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You seem to be telling me what to do with money lol....and you have no idea how much I invested when I joined on about day 3. I would hazard a guess though and say you have earned a damn sight more in rewards than you have invested!! And the Kalou tag, just a way to circle jerk....quality!
Don't be too sad, at least Mack-bot loves ya!

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