RE: 재단의 Tron 보상 중단으로 인한 클레임 가능 수량 수정

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재단의 Tron 보상 중단으로 인한 클레임 가능 수량 수정

in hive-101145 •  5 months ago 

Hi @upvu

If I thought to delegate 11K SP what % vote I will receive daily on my post?

What will be approx monthly curation rewards for 11K SP delegation?

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Hi @stream4u,

UPVU upvotes about in multiples of 15 delegated SP amount once a day.
And curation rewards about 2.1~2.5 STEEM per day.

Please note that.


Hi @upvu.notice, @upvu

Thank you for the information but sorry I actually did not understand.

Can you please help me with an example so that I will understand what % vote I will get once in a day if I delegate 11K SP and what will be the curation rewards per day for 11K SP?

Hi @upvu.notice, @upvu

Can you please help me with the above concern, just give me info like on the 11K SP delegation you will receive a vote worth $2 or $3 so that I will understand it better.

Hi @stream4u,

Sorry for late answer.
@jstory is using UPVU about 11K SP.
Refer that account.!


Great, thank you. I checked mentioned account and my doubts are clear now.

Just one thing, after the first delegation, when I add more later so your voting ratio will change automatically according to the total new delegated SP (include earlier delegated SP), right?

Hi, @stream4u. You are understanding correctly. If you have further questions, please let me know. Cheers.

All doubts are clear now, I will delegate my 10200 SP to your service on 23rd or 24th December 2021 once the previous Un-delegate process completes.

Thank you for using our service @stream4u !!

Hello @upvu and @upvu.notice

I have delegated 10200 SP to you two days ago.

As per your information "curation rewards about 2.1~2.5 STEEM per day.", I have not received any yet in these last 2 days, even not received UPVU (Steem Engine Token), can you please check or let me know when it will start to receive curation rewards of about 2.1~2.5 STEEM per day?

Also, can you please let me know what is Reward History (KRW), is this something different reward? If yes then how I will receive this?


Appreciate your help.

Thank You.