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  1. In the wake of getting back home from outside, subsequent to dealing with an outer article, before cooking, before eating, in the wake of eating and utilizing the washroom, wash hands completely with cleanser. In the event that there is a little youngster in your home, at that point it turns out to be much increasingly vital. Wash your hands altogether before giving it over.

  2. Give careful consideration to cleaning at home, particularly on the kitchen and toilets. Try not to enable water to be gathered anyplace. Consistently perfect the spots, for example, a sink, wash bowl and so on and continue utilizing phenyl, floor cleaner, and so on. Try not to leave any sustenance thing open. Keep crude and prepared nourishment independently. Keep the utensils, ice chests, broilers and so forth utilized for cooking and eating as well. Never keep the wet utensils in the rack, and keep the top without dry coats.

  3. Utilize new vegetables-organic products. Remember the capacity of utilized flavors, oats, and different materials in the correct way, and remember the date on expiry date things.

  4. Don't utilize excessively oil, flavors, upheld and overwhelming suppers. Cook the nourishment at the correct temperature and don't annihilate the nutritious substances of vegetables and so on by cooking more. Additionally, take unique consideration of the temperature while utilizing the stove. Continuously spread nourishment things and eat new sustenance.

  5. Must utilize plate of mixed greens, curd, milk, porridge, green vegetables, entire lentils, grains and so forth in the nourishment. Attempt that your plate incorporates 'Assortment of Sustenance'. Utilize clean water to cook and drink. Wash vegetables and organic products completely and use them.

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