What are the Covid Vaccines doing?

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A friend of mine went ahead and got 4 jabs. She is a hardcore vaccine supporter and every 6 months she goes ahead and religiously takes her jab even if it is not being asked to. And now she is second time down with Covid in a span of 1 year. It makes me laugh when I hear such things and funnier part is they still support, saying if vaccine would have not been there possibly, she could have died of Covid.😅🤔What logic or what science is applied to this God knows. In that case, all those who have yet not taken the Jab should have all been in their graves. There are many friends of mine. I know a whole community who have not taken the jab and are still healthy. The best part is they have not even been infected with the Covid virus. Though many Doctors still do not agree to this that Vaccines are not effective and promote to go ahead and keep taking jabs. So how many vaccines are people going to end up with. One every six months, means till the scare is there they will keep going on and in turn damage their natural immunity.

I do agree that there was a time when Covid did play a real havoc and people lost their lives due to other comorbidities along with Covid, but now it is not the situation, what we are seeing now is just the scare that the Governments want to maintain.

This is what Dr. Mercola's report says


  • COVID-19 is more than twice as prevalent among the boosted, compared to those who quit after the initial series. Those with a primary series plus one or two booster shots are catching the infection at a rate of 119.94 per 100,000, while those with the primary series only have an infection rate of 56.44 per 100,000
  • Pfizer’s pediatric trial reveals the shots raise, rather than lower, the risk of reinfection (meaning catching COVID more than once). In all, 12 of the children in Pfizer’s trial were diagnosed with COVID twice within the follow-up period (one to four months). Of those, 11 had received two or three jabs; only one unvaccinated child got COVID twice
  • Data from Moderna’s trial also suggest the shot makes adults more prone to repeat COVID infections, thanks to an inhibited antibody response
  • In Pfizer’s pediatric trial, six of the children, aged 2 to 4 years, in the vaccinated group were diagnosed with “severe COVID,” compared to just one in the placebo group. So, the shot may actually cause more severe infection in young children
  • In mid-June 2022, Israel experienced a sudden 70% spike in seriously ill COVID patients. The spike is being blamed on a new variant mutated from Omicron, referred to as BA.5., which is thought to be more resistant to vaccines than previous strains


Why can't people see through this, it's happening with them. My own family does not listen, that is the biggest disappointment for me. My Sister has gone ahead and taken her 3 jabs and day by day her immunity is going down. In the last 2 years twice, she has been down with Covid and not only that, since then she has been regularly down with some or the other health issue. Her body is kind of giving up easily. A friend of mine has been getting some continuous skin infection after her jabs which she never had a problem all throughout her life.

A lot of people have taken their jabs out of compulsion without their will because of reasons like travels and entries to certain places but then there are many who are still blind folded with this whole agenda. The virus has kind of gone but the scare has still been kept. On and off mainstream media puts up news of increasing cases. In India the monsoon season has started and ideally this is the time when people get cold and flu. It is not since last 2 years but since always this has been the case. Obviously in this time of the year the flu numbers do go up, now all those numbers are Covid numbers. When does this drama end. God knows. And if this ends, what's next......Food crises. Already many parts of the world are seeing this and soon it may become another pandemic.

Covid could not be anticipated, but this is anticipated and people can prepare themselves for it by stocking up food supplies that could suffice for a good period of time.

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Good morning friend. I share what you say. Most of my family also got vaccinated and they have still suffered from covid. It scares me a lot to put it on and I'm stuck in one state of the country, because it's a requirement to go to another.

Ohhh my dear that must be so painful. Most of the countries have an alternative of PCR test if you are not jabbed, so is that not allowed in the place where you want to go. There are some crazy rules seriously

The fear of human lives was not so much about the virus epidemic as the government had instilled in the hearts of the people the fear of sanctions. Many deaths were due to the fear of the epidemic alone.

You are very true. So much fear is put in people that many people are suffering with that more than Covid

I suffered from COVID, I did not get vaccinated and that is not why I will get vaccinated, because I think it is just an experiment to harm people to obtain immense global profits with pharmaceutical companies, medicines for sale, face masks, antibacterial gel, control tests, etc. It is enough for me to observe that China was the only country that had economic growth during the pandemic, a well-orchestrated plan, nothing is by chance. I believe in that theory, time is proving me right. The vaccine is the great scam of the century. In my environment the same thing happens with friends who have been vaccinated and ended up contracting COVID19 and several times. They even got the Omicron variant and I didn't. Possibly much more things will happen but in the end everything will be known, there are too many interested in hiding the great fortunes they have obtained with the pandemic. Thank you for sharing such an interesting and current topic. Greetings and hugs.

It is the biggest experiment on humanity and so foolish of the whole world nodding to it and bowing down to it. As you say very rightly, nothing is by chance and it is all so well orchestrated. Just in a matter of months the Pharmas were ready with the Vaccines. It was all as if everyone knew what had to be done and they were all in get set go mode, just waiting for the instructions. They have been preparing it from years and there is so much evidence around it. And if you see, after Covid there has been continuously something or the other coming up. Covid was just the starting experiment, where they feel they have succeeded and much more is now coming through our way. If we do not push back, our future generations will never know what is the true meaning of Freedom