High intake of Sugar harms the Brain

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Majority of us we have a sweet tooth, and we crave for sweets. Sweets releases brain chemicals like serotonin, which is a very feel good factor for the brain and hence we keep desiring it to have more and more sweets. Most of the the children they get fond of sweets, they get lured with chocolates. There is a energy surge with the consumption of sweets and the feel good factor for which the kids want to have more of sweets. But excess sweet is harmful for the brain and hence one should be mindful about their sweet consumption.

Personally, I am also extremely fond of Chocolates and a Chocolate cake can become my biggest weakness. I have the capacity to eat half a kg chocolate cake all by myself. But I mindfully control my cravings and avoid. Research shows that sweets and sugar triggers cravings in the brain which is equal to addictive drugs. High and extreme consumption of sugar can lead to health problems like depression, obesity, learning disorders, weak memory.

It's not that we do not need Sugar, Sugar is an essential ingredient for our body. From Sugar we get carbs and we need carbs to get the energy in our body and to keep it functioning. Hence it is important to have sugar consumption. But in what form is important. There are two types of Sugar: Natural Sugar and Added Sugar or the Artificial & Processed sweeteners. The Natural sugar comes from unprocessed foods like Fruits. The Fructose from the Natural sugar sources does not raise the glucose level in the body and hence this form of Sugar is healthy. But, again anything in excess consumption is not good.


The problem is the Artificial Sugar which comes in forms like aerated drinks, Chocolates and Pastries, Sugar syrups, chocolate bars and candies. These are full of preservatives and have no vitamins in it. You feel very good when you consume them and crave for more, but they harm our body in many ways. Ideally every food that we consume like even Rice and Potato has natural sugar in forms of Fructose, Glucose, Lactose, Sucrose. If we are consuming additional sugar it is important to keep a track on the quantity.

A lot of autoimmune conditions get triggered with unhealthy forms of sugar as it spikes up the glucose level in the body.
Once in a way indulging in these sinful foods is ok but if it is done on regular basis then one should be prepared to face the consequences as well Think before your consume; is it beneficial for you?

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Very good publication. Sugar is something that we all like but we must avoid excess because it affects the health of our body. In my case, I have always liked the natural sugar of fruits, it is the best option without a doubt. Thank you very much for sharing

Fantastic and brilliant option with out any debut
Thanks my dear friend for lovely sharing