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JunAI 1000ml

Perfume hair clinic, hair moisture and nutrition supply, external hair care

Wow Clinic 300ml

One-step hair clinic, keratin ingredient helps strengthen, inner hair care

Miracle PPT/acid water/alkaline water 500ml

-Keratin, Collagen nourishment help to prevent overheating and enhance color development

-Cuticle, Cortex double protection. Helps promote color pigmentation. reduction of treatment time

-Curl elasticity and shine. Hair swell, improved drug penetration

Real Organic Intense Shampoo (Family Shampoo) 700ml

Hair care with natural extracts

Sensitive moisturizing, for infants

Safe to use with no silicone

Real Enrich Creamy Shampoo 700ml

Natural ingredients, moisture supply and refreshing feeling, scalp nutrition, dandruff, and dead skin care

Nature Shampoo/Nature Conditioner 1500ml

For scalp problems. shine and softness to the hair. Maintaining healthy hair with low molecular weight

Nature Treatment (LPP) 1500ml

Water-soluble LPP treatment. Hair protection with plant extracts. Can be used as a post-processing agent

of the above products. Product Information

Ultra Filler Perm 500ml

EX, Normal, 3 types of damage . Keratin-based premium perm. Contains 20 vegetable oils

Akarui Multiplex Perm 300ml

Reduces damage and improves elasticity. Moist and elastic curls.

Real Keratin Repair Cream 180ml

A creamy nutritional product. Care for damaged hair with rich oils. Improvement of cracked ends (unwashed products)

RealSoyu Argan Oil 105ml

Vitamin E vegetable oil provides moisture and nutrition. Thermal protection and external stimulus protection. deep scent

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