[TeamOCD] Gods Unchained Steem Raffle for the weekend tournament!

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Hey everyone!

Last week we offered promotion for newcomers in our [TeamOCD] announcement. We are happy to see the turnout and even more glad to see so many new users join Steem and actively post some amazing content not only about Gods Unchained but using Steem for other content as well. Immutability is important in this day and age and being able to earn rewards that aren't based on adrevenue and can't be removed because the advertisers don't like what you stand for is not something that occurs here. That's why platforms like Steem exist and we are glad more people are seeing the true power of blockchain and the freedom it gives its users.

Scroll to the end of the post for the winners of last week's Steem promotion and tell us what your GU name is in case you haven't so we know who to send Steem to!

Weekend Tournament Steem Raffle!

Tomorrow at 1 PM GMT the weekend tournament begins. Unfortunately the Genesis Raffle tokens can't be earned anymore as the drawing is coming close on the 24th but during this time we are instead offering Steem for your battle victories!

How to participate
  • Join our Discord and request a Steem account in the #steem-accounts channel.
  • Post a screenshot in this post of your game client before the weekend tournament starts where we can see the amount of wins you have
  • Post a screenshot in a reply to your first comment of your game client when the weekend tournament ends so we can see how many wins you made
  • ???
  • Earn Steem + Genesis Raffle tokens + Steem Power delegation :)

Currently we are giving out these prizes (may grow over the weekend with possible new sponsors):

  • 1000 STEEM shared among all participants per victory ( players that signed up through teamOCD's beta key will get 20% more )
  • 3x 500 Steem Power Delegations for 3 months ( thanks to @pharesim )
  • 1x 500 Steem Power Delegation fo 3 months ( thanks to @derangedvisions )
  • Random winner from all participants of 10,000 Genesis Raffle Tokens (Meteorite 4 headed hydra trinket - these raffle tokens can be still be sold and transferred as the raffle is drawn first on the 24th)

On top of all that we are also still actively curating posts tagged #godsunchained and/or #teamocd, check our announcement post for what kind of content we curate or ask in our Discord and promote your posts there in the #gu-posts channel! :)

Results from last promotion

29 Users signed up through our beta invite link last week, out of them 10 players had at least 1 win. Our original offer was 1 Steem per 10 wins but seeing as there were some that were so close with 29 wins and since Steem can easily be divisible we decided to give Steem per each win instead and on top of that double the rewards making it 0.2 Steem per win!

GU UsernameSteem UsernameWinsSteem
Please state your Steem usernames to receive your rewards! :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask here or in our Discord server in the Gods Unchained section, there's always someone around to respond.

Thanks for reading and good luck in the weekend tournament! :)

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The Gods Unchained game definitely looks like it is going to be the big game to get gamers to recognize crypto-gaming as a valuable industry and e-sports environment.

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Signed up through either ocd or acidyo. Can't remember.

I'll get more wins next time :)

18 wins confirmed. :)

My Wins before WE ranked


With my custom Death deck I went down from Midnight Shadow to Astral Meteorite. I then put together a Nature Deck which is fun to play and helped me gain 35 Wins! Guess i´ll aim for Gold next :)AfterWE.png

35 wins confirmed. :)

event start.png Raffle tournament starting entry!

event end.png Raffle tournament ending entry! 30 wins over the weekend.

30 wins confirmed. :)

Just started playing gods unchanied let's see how it goes :)20191018_141600.jpg

20191021_143143.jpg I had a lot of fun playing over the weekend and got 66 wins.

66 wins confirmed. :)

A lot of wins !

I'm done with weekend tournament

Dayum! :D

156 wins confirmed.

Here is my wins before the weekend event


How many wins did you end up with? :)

Great contest , I have been playing the game over 1.5 months and I'm member of Team OCD for a week if anyone have questions about game feel free to message me anytime about it , I'm quite passionate about this game.

I've been playing for a week or two. Originally was just evaluating the game but I am finding it quite addictive! May as well throw my hat in the ring here if you're building a steem community of players.

Ah hey, you've joined through my link. :) Cool, good luck this weekend!

Did I? I can't remember that far back. Good for you as I'm sizing up a decent card purchase ;)

Haha nice, let's hope the ref system is still active. ^^

Finished playing for the weekend. Got my ass handed to me plenty but managed to scrape out 25 wins.

25 wins confirmed!

This really keeps the motivation high over the weekend! Lets see how my very first custom deck performs

Nice! Just joined with your beta key and trying to learn how it works. Reading FAQs. Thanks!

Cool! Welcome, the starter decks are supposedly pretty good. :)

But don't know how to play. Any complete guide ?

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Ah! Thanks man.

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Posted using Partiko Android

Did you manage to get any wins? :)

This is awesome. I will add another 500 SP delegation for three months to the prize pool for this giveaway.

Awesome! Cheers, will update! :)

Ohh leaderboard, I am glad to see myself here :D

17 wins! Not bad, since I refresh little my decks it is really much better :D

My tournament entry - 22 wins

36 wins confirmed!

participate in a tournament

104 wins!

104 wins confirmed! Think I played against you some games. :)

My tournament entry with 64 wins at the moment

Any update? :)

Hi @acidyo, yes! Here´s the printscreen from today
weekend raffle.png
Thank you!

20 wins confirmed!

I am ready...... and you????

Hi, i created an account through your Beta Key minutes ago! My username is WarnasGamer. I didn't play yet so i have no victories at the moment.
Here´s the printscreen from my game client:
Thank you in advance :) Good luck to all!

How many wins did you end up with? :)

Cool! Just a side note that you can actually check the players' wins through this tool. Using screenshot may not be that accurate as I often notice the number not refreshing immediately for each of my wins.

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 1/3)

Thanks, that site is pretty cool although loaded slowly for me last I tried it. There's also sites like gudecks.com where they show matches in the meta section etc in case someone attempts to cheat by taking a screenshot now and using it for the matches tomorrow, hehe, doubt anyone would though. :)


here is mine :D

41 wins confirmed!

Arena wins don't count? 😏

All wins count, except for bot games. :D

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Hmm then probably my account dont count but i made it from reflink :/
I played most arena draft

Oh yeah, you are on my list :D I can send you some Steem for that ^^

I have 6 wins then constructed games are not count but alright :)

I am "OP" in the list. please add my steem acc

Done, rewards being sent out soon =)

Random junk like this on the Trending page makes Steem look bad.

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Maybe I also should register in that game haha

It's good to see crypto backed games thriving. At least you'll earn passively from playing games


You can see from the bugged timer I had 85 at the start. A few hours later they fixed the timer.


50 wins total. I stopped playing after I hit my number as seen on Gudecks.

I’ll make sure to comment next time at the start and finish.

50 wins confirmed!

It's not showing your amount of wins. :P

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I gave wrong link XD but here is all :)
pobrane (1).png
pobrane (2).png

39 wins confirmed!

Same name over there :)

Gods Unchained Match Results - GUDecks.pngGods Unchained Match Results - GUDecks (1).png
Gods Unchained Match Results - GUDecks (2).pngGods Unchained Match Results - GUDecks (3).png

I counted 28 wins, hope that's correct!

Believe so hombre! Not sure of the time zones for different people so wasn't sure exactly what counted. Know mine, but we are global😁

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