Trouble Brewing in Paradise

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The past week we have witnessed some serious conflict going on in our underwater zen garden. As if there aren't enough problems in our life right now, dealing with a clear violation of the social distancing rule ultimately leads to separation.


Bernard the Betta fish has suddenly decided Gary the Zebra Snail is his mortal enemy. While a basic search will tell you Betta fish aren't very friendly, I had no idea they would pick on a snail. This fish flares its gills and puffs up, while it dances around the snail pushing against it and biting it. Who needs this conflict in their lives?


You can see the Betta fish flaring its gills to intimidate the snail when you see past the quality of the image. I don't think snails can see that well and it probably has no idea that the fish is posturing. It was an interesting but troubling display of aggression.


This fish is so angry and the snail is just doing what it does. Japanese fighting fish or whatever you want to call them are very aggressive, at least it doesn't mess with the African dwarf frogs.


It's such an angry fish and while Betta's are beautiful they certainly lack in personality. There is no reason for the anger, just pure biological programming that somehow turned on after a month of harmony.


You can see one of the frogs in the back corner minding its own business. We enjoy the frogs because they are funny and both have a unique personality. But after all this experience we probably won't be buying a Betta fish again for a communal tank.


Here is some self-isolation for the fish. Maybe a few days in the time out will make Bernard behave!

Have a Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!


And leave the mollusks alone!

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Yes, Bettas are very beautiful, but they pretty much are that stereotypical "single fish in a bowl" with all that aggression...


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