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Sniper Elite 4 is easily the best entry in the franchise. The Plot is basically the same as the other Sniper Elite games, you are a Sniper helping resistance groups mess up the nazi's plans in whichever country you are sent too, in this case its Italy.


The Main difference that sets this entry apart from the others is the ability to get several side objectives by talking to your allies before each mission, these include gathering documents to destroying Artillery and add some much needed replay value to each mission. Presentation wise this game is fantastic with the gorgeous italian setting and open ended levels making sure these levels have more detail than ever before. Sound is also great with some very satisfying gun and explosion sounds and some fairly decent voice acting. Gameplay is essentially the same as previous entrys only polished so making headshots and other brutal x-ray kills with your sniper rifle has never felt more gratifying, stealth is also just as viable as it was before with many available tools to distract your enemies.



Atmospheric open maps
Great graphics
Tactical and rewarding stealth experience
You get to see your bullets blow the enemie's brains out
Multiple ways to complete objectives
Great buy duing sale. Pick this up without feeling guilty.

Lack of weapons.
DLC expansions.
Single player story is mediocre
Just 8 missions
Replay value can be lacking in the main game though as theres only 8 main missions and 2 extra co-op specific missions (which are great as well, just wish there was more of them)

Rating: 8/10: If you enjoy sneaking and sniping, and want a game that focuses entirely on that, then you'll no doubt love this title. I would definitely recommend the game if you even have a passing interest in the Sniper Elite series, especially at a discount.


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