'Fortnite' 2018's Most Popular eSport Made $2,000,000,000 Off Dance Moves and Paid the Dance Creators $0 !

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Fortnite, it's a worldwide phenomenon, more than a video game. It brought in more than $ 2 billion in revenue this year. Interestingly, the business model of the game is exactly the opposite of how video games make money. The game is free, however players have the option to add game features to the game currency called " V Bucks. "


One of the most popular features that players can buy is dance. Dances are used as festivals. The dance function was very successful and one of the driving forces behind the popularity of the game.

The creators of the dances used are not happy, however. Although fortnite entered the dances, they never paid the creators. This led to a series of lawsuits, Alfonso Ribeiro AKA Carlton Banks sued the use of " Carlton " dance in games, the dancer known as Backpack Kid sued the use of his " Floss " dance, rapper 2 Milly sued the use of his " Milly Rock " dance, and now Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB is considering the use of his " The Shoe " dance.

This is an unfortunate lesson. Intellectual property is important to understand. It's one thing to create something else to trademark it. It is an uphill legal struggle if you have no design or trademark. All entrepreneurs and creators should take routine custom.

Merry Christmas Everyone :-)


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