Introducing SteemLuck – Pick Your Lucky Number!

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What is SteemLuck?

SteemLuck is a simple wager and number guessing game on the Steem blockchain. SteemLuck has four difficulty levels, each with its own defined set of numbers from which a player may choose. Prizes are awarded based on difficulty.

DifficultyNumber ChoicesPrize Multiplier
50/501, 2x1.80
Easy1, 2, 3x2.7
Medium1, 2, 3, 4, 5x4.5
Hard1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7x6.3

The SteemLuck game uses a Javascript random number generator to determine results.

return Math.ceil((num / 100) * (Math.random() * 100))


How to Play SteemLuck

You can play SteemLuck by visiting, or you can opt to play directly from your Steem wallet.


1 - Visit
2 - Enter your Steem user name to see your wallet balance in STEEM and/or SBD. (This is optional.)
3 - Make your wager. Minimum wager is 0.100 STEEM/SBD. Maximum wager is 5.000 STEEM/SBD. (Maximum wager will scale as SteemLuck grows.)
4 - Choose your difficulty level: 50/50, Easy, Medium, or Hard.
5 - Choose your lucky number.
6 - Complete the transaction and play the game by clicking on the “Wager with Steemconnect” button.

Your Steem Wallet


1 - Go to your Steem wallet.
2 - Initiate a transfer to @steemluck.
3 - Enter your wager amount (minimum of 0.100 STEEM/SBD and maximum of 5.000 STEEM/SBD).
4 - Type your difficulty and guess into the memo field in the following format:


Substitute “5050” with “easy”, “medium”, or “hard” if playing those difficulties. Substitute the number “1” with the number of your choice for your selected difficulty. (See the table above for number choices.)

5 - Complete the wallet transaction with your Steem active key.

Please allow up to a minute for transactions to be completed.


Losing is Still Winning!

If luck is not always on your side, don’t be too sad! SteemLuck will participate in blockchain and community-based initiatives designed to both improve the value of the Steem blockchain and reward individual users!

Token Burning

The first and most exciting initiative for SteemLuck is a monthly burning regiment that will burn STEEM and SBD generated through gameplay!

We believe that this will help contribute to the long-term sustainability of Steem token supplies and benefit the Steem community as a whole. Because we put our money where our mouth is, SteemLuck will send 10% of generated revenue to the @null account every month.

But that’s not all!

For every 5000 STEEM and SBD revenue earned through gameplay, SteemLuck will burn an additional 1% of revenue, up to a total burn of 20%!


If SteemLuck generates 20,000 STEEM in revenue in any given month, then 2000 STEEM (10%) will be burned, plus an additional 800 STEEM (4%), bringing the total to 2800 STEEM sent to @null.

If SteemLuck generates 50,000 STEEM in revenue in any given month, then 5000 STEEM (10%) will be burned, plus an additional 5000 STEEM (10%), bringing the total to 10,000 STEEM sent to @null.

Dividends to Players

The simple act of playing SteemLuck will also qualify players for monthly dividends. SteemLuck will distribute 20% of revenue generated through gameplay to all monthly users each month, based on their total value of wagers made during the given month. These dividends will be designed to mitigate the effectiveness of bots as a means to capture a majority share. No third-party tokens will be created or necessary in order to receive dividends, as all dividends will be distributed as STEEM/SBD.

The dividend program is scheduled to begin on March 1, 2019, with distributions beginning on April 1st. More details to come.

Development Funding

Up to 25% of revenue generated by @SteemLuck will be set aside for ongoing and future Steem development projects. These may include projects being developed by associates of SteemLuck or any other project that we would like to support. Innovation and usefulness is what we like to see and projects focused on those are more likely to catch our eye.


SteemLuck is in "Beta" until the end of February

Please share any feedback with us and allow for adjustments and improvements to be made over the next two weeks. Thank you in advance for your patience and enjoy yourself! Please remember to play responsibly!


Are you feeling lucky? Well what are you waiting for? Give SteemLuck a try today!


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Nice guys! any referal program planned?

Good stuff. 😀

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Burn those tokens!

That's something I will definitely support. I hope this gains a lot of traction.

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Wow, this is welcomed! Steem is considered a good luck that happens to all of us here! I love the monthly Steem burning aspect of your initiation.

Welcome onboard @steemluck

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the 'burn' is a very nice initiative.

Thank you.

Props ✊🏽

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This is fun!

I officially tried! I hope I am lucky today!

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i'll try and hope i'm lucky......



sera verdad

hlw @steemluck I haven't any Lucky number.
last 1 year I lost lot of thinks.

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This is a great project @steemluck! Love the token burn. Is there any way to make this automated (aka set the parameters and let it run)?


Nice game, even if I already lost my first one! :))

Wow thanks for the information, and also thanks for the post, i think everyone else will like it also.

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Everyone can support this as there are options. If you can't take high risks then just go to the low risk option.

"Life's a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you'll going to get inside."
-Forest Gump.

Burning up 🔥

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Copy pasting intro welcomes that are full of referral links will get you flagged by Spaminator and Mack-bot very quickly. Please stop doing that so we don't have to continue this conversation on the Steemcleaners discord when you appeal. I realize that you want to share your referral links but this is not the right way.

Hmm sorry but these links help me alot so I thought that I can share this two applications to minnows. Thats the reason why I dont share All dapps because I think that they are the best ones to start :/

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I know they really help you that's why I'm letting you know here before your comments get flagged. A better way would maybe to make a regular post about it or share through other social media.

thanks for the warning :)

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