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Here we go again.

Hubby and I have started playing Atlas again. I like Atlas. I can build bases and ships and we can sail around the world, discovering new islands and places to build even more new bases (or small homes with beds, so I can return later).

Playfulfoodie playing Atlas gaming

What I don't like about Atlas is the regular wipes they do, since they are still in alpha/beta/whatever state you can be in after half-releasing a game years and years ago. It means I lose my bases, castles and animals, which I tamed or stole (I mean 'saved', or 'adopted').

Playfulfoodie playing Atlas gaming

I also don't enjoy the surprise of these wipes. At the very least I want to know what I'm getting into, before I spend a lot of time on this game. I want to know I can enjoy myself for a while, before it's all taken away.

Anyway, the latest wipe was about a week or two ago, so I figure we're relatively safe from another one very soon.

Playfulfoodie playing Atlas gaming

A wipe usually means big changes to the Atlas world and since I've skipped a few, I'm struggling a little to understand this world around me now. They have split up the map and added portals to go from one continent to another. They've also overhauled the shipyards and added a lot of other ships. The talent trees are also different, so I find myself searching for craftables a lot. Luckily, you can easily search for one and find which talent it falls under.

Playfulfoodie playing Atlas gaming

We've split up tasks as usual in this game: Hubby is our sailor and I am our crafter/builder. Hubby is happy to be back on the water and I just ask him to navigate to that one, particular island I know and love (because I know my way around!).

Going through portals was a new experience for us, but I'm glad we found out how to get to other maps. I'm really not sure if we are doing this right, but we started out at a Freeport, bought a ramshackle boat which was very slow and then sailed a loooong way to find a place where we could build a shipyard and craft ourselves a new boat.

Playfulfoodie playing Atlas gaming

To our surprise, it was fairly easy to build a starters boat with some space and a proper handling sail. I'm glad to see they've kept solo players in mind just a little bit.

Playfulfoodie playing Atlas gaming

Hubby has already found the boat he eventually wants to build, but to get to that boat, we need a lot of gold to build a better shipyard. Getting gold is a little hard for us. We are now hauling in treasure chests at sea, which contain 1-13ish gold and we need... 500 or 1000. Yay! It could go a little faster with a diving attachment to our ship (for sunken treasures), but our basic ship can't handle that apparently.

Playfulfoodie playing Atlas gaming

Yesterday, we managed to get to a map which held my favorite island design. My usual spot was already taken, but we found a spot to claim further up. A spot where we had previously build aswell, way waaaay back in the beginning, so it's all good. I know my way around there aswell!

I claimed us two pieces of land, which sadly don't connect, because almost every sea spot has already been claimed. They are near enough though and the small sea spot I did manage to claim already had a basic shipyard which is now ours. It's not the one we need sadly, but hubby wants them all eventually anyway.

Playfulfoodie playing Atlas gaming

I, ofcourse, started building right away at my other claim spot. Gotta start my castle with courtyard sometime! Although the way I've been building it now, the courtyard is a little too small. I might keep it that way and build a proper one somewhere else later. Kinda too lazy to destroy half of what I've build so far...

Playfulfoodie playing Atlas gaming

It's fun to start back on Atlas again. I'm sure we'll get tired of it soon, but for now, it's keeping us entertained and giving us something to do together during hubby's vacation. So I'm happy!

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I will have to try this game out it looks like a lot of fun.

From what I see the game is already 3 years in beta mode, it is quite a long time, the good thing is that the developers are taking their time to make a good game. The important thing is that you enjoy the game, and that you prepare for when it is released in full mode.

I'm honestly no longer sure it will ever get fully released, but it doesn't matter. Like you said, as long as I have fun :-)

This is a great game, I am fascinated by exploration games, I hope the full version will come soon, the creators have not given a date for the full launch ?. But as you say, meanwhile you have to play and enjoy the game. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day.

The game has been in alpha/beta phase for years and I'm not sure if it'll ever get released fully. It's fun to play, but in this state, we just have to deal with the many changes and wipes they can still make.

It is a pity that all progress is erased and then start all over again, the graphs look very good. I like the game with good graphics. Greetings, thanks for sharing.

That's a shame indeed. There is an option to host your own game, on your own pc or server. That way, you can keep your progress and set many server difficulties. You can play alone, or invite friends. So far, I've usually just played on regular servers though, so I have to deal with the wipes.

The importance of these games is that they allow you to develop skills. Greetings.

yo i definately need to check this game out, I cant believe its my first time coming across it lol! reminds me of a hybrid version of ARK x Minecraft x Sea of Thieves