Outfits make me poor

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I blame ArenaNet.

Lately, I've been mad at ArenaNet for their plans of ruining Guild Wars 2's World vs World for me (They're basically forcing me to no longer be a lurker and start socializing).

So while I'm mad at them, I might aswell blame them for something else aswell: My lack of gems and with it, my growing lack of gold!

Playfulfoodie gaming guild wars 2

My biggest problem with World of Warcraft is their monthly subscription model. I have given them a LOT of my money in the past due to that and I don't really want to give them any more. Due to that, I no longer play WoW and keep the few game time tokens I have for when they release a new expansion (I'm still a bit of a sucker).

Guild Wars 2 doesn't have this subscription stuff. You buy the game (and optionally the expansions) and you can then play whenever you want. That, to me, is what buying a game is supposed to be.

Playfulfoodie gaming guild wars 2

ArenaNet does have servers to run and employees to pay though, so to keep some extra cash flowing, they have an ingame store. There are a few quality of life items you can easily do without and there are lots of cosmetics to buy. Skins for armor, weapons, gliders and mounts, pets, novelties, finishers, mail carriers, and outfits for your character.

These outfits... they are eating up my gems!

You buy stuff in the ingame store with gems. You get gems at certain levels of achievement points, you buy them with real-life money, or you buy them with ingame gold. I got some while buying the new expansion (out soon), but mostly I buy gems with ingame gold.

Playfulfoodie gaming guild wars 2

A couple of months ago, I finally bought my infinite gathering tools, so I no longer have to buy new ones that run out. Quality of life! But since then, there's been a lot of cool outfits passing through the store aswell and I have been weak. I like saving up and doing nothing at all with my big pile of gold and materials, but this time, I bought more than I should and don't have a lot more gold to spare.

So now, I have lots of outfits and I can only wear one! So the only thing I can do is show them off here. This is the outfit I'm currently wearing. The one I bought last:

Playfulfoodie gaming guild wars 2

As with regular armor, you can dye your outfits (something New World is severely lacking). So after buying a new one, I spend a lot of time finding the right color scheme. Ofcourse, there are many.

This one originally comes in a very bright color:

Playfulfoodie gaming guild wars 2

I really like it this bright and it looks good on my character, but I tend to end up on the darker side of the color scheme. So I looked at purple, but ended up going with 'Bloody red' for the main color. It shows the details of this outfit pretty well. I just wasn't sure about the additional colors, but ended up with greyish and white.

This was the other option I liked:

Playfulfoodie gaming guild wars 2

All bright and cheerful, but yeah... I think I'll stick with the more boring greyish!

What about you?
How are you with ingame stores and cosmetics? Do you buy items in the ingame store? And which ones? Quality of life stuff? Pets? Cosmetics?

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Their subscription is crazy actually... but private servers are a lot of fun

Every gaming company looks for a way to obtain constant profits, practically it is a constant income. sometimes it is worth what we pay for they keep the game well updated. Greetings.

Everyone has their own predilections, the fundamental thing is that it be uplifting, feel comfortable and get the most out of it. Thank you. Blessings.

I really like when the game allows you to choose from a large number of outfits, personally I don't like bright colors very much, rather I prefer discreet colors. And if there are outfits for sale, I usually buy a few, I make a small selection and the ones I like the most I buy. Regarding your selection of attire, I really liked the one in the last photo, it looks very good, although personally I prefer the one in photo 4. Have a good day. Greetings.

In my case, I buy the outfits with gold from the same game, I like to have a variety of outfits, to use them on different occasions.