New World - Never a dull moment

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Amazon Game Studio has done it again.

They are quite skilled at pissing people off. Very impressive!


The problem this time? Coins!

Again, I guess. There have been plenty of problems surrounding coin ever since New World got released. Many exploits have been found and the Trading Posts have had to go down on various times to right those wrongs.


There is a coin problem they were still working on surrounding furniture. To give themselves time to solve this, we can't sell our furniture on the Trading Post, but as an added 'bonus', we now also can't move our furniture items out of our bags and into our banks. So basically, if you accidentally moved over a large amount of furniture into your bags (from your bank, or simply from crafting), you're kinda screwed with the weight limit of your inventory.

Luckily, I only have a few furniture items in my inventory and any decoration you might craft or find can still be placed inside a house. The trophies and chest I hold have nowhere to go though, because my houses are already at their max for those items.


To add even more problems, there now is a problem with coin compensation from the latest patch aswell. People on EU servers were supposed to get some coin compensation, but they screwed up and gave waaaaay too much to a large amount of players. So these players then went and bought every expensive item on the Trading Post and basically, within a few hours, the economy was screwed.


After a few hours, they took the servers back offline and eventually, they had to perform a rollback of those several hours after the patch. The Trading Post now is again down, because it took longer to roll that back, but eventually, people could atleast play again. Without the coin compensation.

So now, part of the playerbase is pissed off again, due to extra downtime and rollback. Understandable if you've been busy during those couple of hours. Personally, I hardly did anything, so I'm not affected much. Still kinda sucks the Trading Post is down for so long again though.

There's never a dull moment in New World!

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New world is on special and i am very close to getting it.

Definitely in this game people even with the updates and patches have fun since they are all an odyssey, so are most of the updates little by little they are removing errors and improving the game.

It is necessary to be foresight so as not to be caught in the casualties. Greetings.

The good thing about the updates is that, we do not know what they come with, but rest assured that the errors that this one has will solve it soon.

Thanks you sir for sharing 👍