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After all the feud and dramas this past few days/weeks, it’s time to sit and think again or to meditate a little bit...up to you.

I’m not here to tell you who is right or who is wrong, I’m here to say thank you to the former Steemit, Inc. for supporting Fundition in its quest to help founders in realizing impactful projects for the world/humanity/blockchain etc around the globe. I’m here to say thank you to those who supported Fundition since day one.

I’m here to also thanks those who support Futureshock vision.

As you can see Futureshock launched its witness few days ago. I’m not going into the details of why we chose this very specific moment to launch or relaunch the witness but all you need to understand is that Futureshock team is doing its very best to bring the best future for the Steem ecosystem.

Governance aside, since day one of Futureshock, the goal is to produce the most useful and fun Dapps for the Blockchain world in general and Steem specifically.

As a result we developed:
Fundition the first decentralized totally free crowdfunding platform
OnGame (relaunching soon) the first all-in-one social network gaming platform that rewards the players
Drugwars the first massive, strategic & PvP game that rewards the players
Fundition.gaming the first decentralized totally free crowdfunding platform dedicated exclusively for gaming lovers

Coming soon:
FactIt: the first decentralized platform to fight against fake news

Also as you’ve noticed Futureshock saved your day and the Steem experience by developing SteemLogin in a day to facilitate and secure your way to connect to your favorite Steem Dapps.

Then Futureshock developed Steemscan in few days to help you understand better and have a better vision of what is happening on the Blockchain.

Futureshock can’t promise the moon but we can at least promise that your experience on the Blockchain will be fun. We also promise to bring you useful apps that you will use daily and that you’d want to introduce to your family and friends, and not another « déjà-vu blogging platform ».

The future.witness is here to show you how dedicated we are into growing the Steem ecosystem. It’s not about loyalty, it’s about vision. Our vision, Steemit, Inc vision, Your vision = Future.

Also, your vote is an heartening to the Futureshock team, it will help us to go forth' and to produce better and better app, useful app, fun app. By the way, if you have any suggestion, don't hesitate to comment :).

By the way, don't forget to regularly wash your hands, stay 1m away from the person next to you, wear a mask, and overall be careful! (See? We care about you)

This post and everything in it is my one and only responsibility and not Futureshock one.
Mimee aka addicttolife

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