I’m no longer a threat to Cyber-Space!

in funnymemes •  3 years ago 

Listen up folks, Extremist Alt Right Nazi groups are spreading Russian-made lies/conspiracy theories! Don’t buy into it, Epstein-THE MEDICAL EXAMINER RULED SUICIDE! Are you arguing with a doctor now? Same with John Podesta’s son- whoops sorry that should wear off soon, stupid subversive associations. E![348EE42D-9521-4CC8-9CD3-EC2C9DC7CC13.png](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmVmRHU1uVthRxBptSJncm5aHdeG5VYbwZf9Jzj8WRQ2QQ/348EE42D-9521-4CC8-9CD3-EC2C9DC7CC13.png)D75739D-7BDF-4A9C-AE94-4B86928D73AC.png

Chester Bennington- no relation, Chris Cornell, EpStIeN!, LarRy SinClaIr, and Anthony Bourdain- great people or not, they all shared something in common...

THEY ARE ALL DIRTY DRUG ADDICTS, and they all really wanted to kill themselves but all waited till very convenient times-Surely but that is coincidental at most.

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