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Everyone who delegates or use Booster Upvote Bot will soon get an extra gift, a Steem-Engine token named "Booster" from: as soon as @inertia can (it is always important to make things work at least 3 times before going public) deem it secure enough to go live!

By Delegating to Booster you are "STAKING" for multi-rewards!

All our Delegators are already sharing 97.5% of all liquid rewards (SBD/STEEM) that Booster earns. Only 2.5% goes to maintain and innovate the Booster System which now also allow us to issue our own token to our own delegators + users at 1:1 or COIN:COIN no matter what the USD value is. So if you are a whale with 1 million SteemPower you will make something like 500 Steem Units (Mix of SBD+STEEM) per day from Booster. Now you will also get 500 Booster Tokens in addition.

Use Booster for Marketing - Spend 30 COINS and get 30 Booster Tokens in return.

About 2000 Tokens will be distributed daily in todays market with 2,060,000 SP in delegations. If delegation or usage goes up - we produce more Booster Tokens, if delegation or usage goes down, we produce less Booster-Tokens.

Booster Token is not a securities or a financial thing - It is a fun way to reward our users with points

All Booster-Tokens can be traded against STEEM, and all booster tokens are held by our day to day delegators and booster-users, the more of them you have - maybe we find something cool in the future we can reward Booster-Token holders with, but that is of course not a promise or a financial suggestion. It will not cost you anything to keep the ones you earn by using booster, and you can always trade them at: once the coins start distributing at an unannounced day in the near future.

Nobody can stop you from becoming a Booster-Whale



@Booster tokens will be distributed at 1:1, meaning that if you are paid for example 14 STEEM for delegating or if you have spent 14 STEEM to have your post promoted, you will receive 14 Booster-Tokens each as an extra loyalty bonus token, in addition to your regular payments.

In other words - every time Booster Pays out or is getting Paid - it will issue Booster Tokens at 1:1 with either STEEM or SBD.

A Rare token

Booster will always be a rare token due to its distribution model, for the first three-five years it will be governed by the Booster Team until there is a large enough community of whales, dolphins, salmon, carpe and crabs in the Booster Ocean.

Hodl or Sell?

Feel free to do what you please. From the get-go the token will only have symbolic value, but as time goes on and more and more people circulate the Booster-Token, we will be able to add new smart features into it and give it tool-values that can benefit everyone in different grade, but first let us look at distribution:

  • Get extra rewards in Booster tokens for using Booster to promote your post at 1:1, meaning if you spent 50 STEEM on Booster upvote, you will get 50 Booster tokens in addition to your Booster upvote.
  • Get extra Booster tokens for delegating to Booster at 1:1, meaning if Booster pays you 23 STEEM and 14 SBD you will get 23 Booster Tokens + 14 Booster Tokens in addition to your liquid rewards.
  • There will always be very little Booster Tokens on the market compared to for example STEEM or Bitcoin, which produce a lot more coins then Booster does.

When will it be released?

One of these days or weeks - Make sure you have an account with to see when you start receiving Booster Tokens in addition to all the other bonuses, perks and things we have going on in the background to make @Booster the best Marketing-Experience on the Internet.

Team @Booster
@fyrstikken & @inertia

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Hello friend @booster some times ago i have sent 20 steem to you 2nd time for a same post
But the bot didn’t returned me the steem please check and refund thank you!

Here is the post link

Hey Friend Just Received The Refund Thank you 🙂.

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@booster I just did a transfer but forgot the URL in the memo field. Can you please refund to @brainfeed. Thanks

Hi, I made an error and sent a 2nd bid to the bot for the same post

Help? Thank you.


@booster, I mad the mistake a second time:

I forgot I had already sent a big to booster for that post yesterday and the bot did not return the steem for the invalid bid.

Please help. Thank you.

What can the tokens be used for? Can they be used with Booster instead of Steem?

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Maybe - I guess we will have to explore this together.

Fair enough 😊

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A Rare token
Booster will always be a rare token due to its distribution model

hahaha is that a joke man? Max Supply is 10 TRILLION that you can issue at any time :D hahahahahaha

its ok i still upvoted and resteemed :D

And here's my ideas for what the token can be used for:
@booster can add up all the extra unexpected profit at the end of eacxh month, and give free booster upvotes with that to booster holders, and if theres not enough, incorperate a lottery system or use booster tokens for a Raffle

Allow one person to win 1 free large booster upvote if they submit like 1 or 10 or 100 Booster tokens to the raffle, winner gets upvote

or you can have a system that uses scotbot and just use staked booster for its own booster posts lol i dunno why booster would need its own front end like weedcash but iyt could, i dunno, maybe coudl eb a way to promote steem witha special siote showing teh BEST posts of steem? oi dunno could alway sbe better to have anoetrh scotbpt site

The token in vanilla was set up with a large amount to calculate how much Booster needs in X amounts of years, Total/Max will be heavily reduced & issued/sent to @null & burned before we start distributing.

Hello @booster I have sent you 5sbd some times ago but the bot didn’t catch my bid. so please refund it. thank you!

@inertia, Can you check the bot for auto-return on the invalid bid? I mistakenly sent a 2nd bid twice on posts the bot voted on already.

Thank you.

It appears to me that you only sent the bid for 5e1e75f75306dc9f69c3e207accbea8c9e8786b7 twice. It has now been returned. The other one was sent once and got a vote.

Hi booster,
So what's the minimum amount of SP I can delegate, to begin with?
I like the idea of booster tokens. Already created my steem engine account.

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Hey @booster,

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Your account is now 2 years old!

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Is the delegation 1:1 per day?

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1:1 per payout, so about 10 times per day to delegators, and anytime people use Booster which is between 5-10 accounts per round or 500-1000 accounts per 24h

Hello, I sent my bid to booster 0.4 steem (because on steem bot tracker it's written "0.10 / 70.00" ) but my bid is not shown. Than again... I went to your profile and you say it is at least 1 steem? So what's next? If 0.4 steem bid is too small, can I at lest get it back

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@booster. I copy pasted a steemit link and there was a # somehow. Not the booster hadn't voted me. I sent 5.6 steem.
Is it refundable? @inertia @fyrstikken

Apology for the stupidity. I shall be carefull next time.

hello brother i have sent you 40 steem some times ago but the bot didn’t catch my bid please refund me another person sent you a large bid also so please refund the 40 steem thank you!

@booster, Team if today i will send 3 Steem to booster for blog promotion then as per this Booster token update i will going to receive 3 Booster token right?

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Booster is great! <3