Sausage bunny chow vegan style

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Hey everyone happy fruitsandveggiesmonday! This is my entry to fruitsandveggiesmonday with @lenasveganliving and @plantstoplanks. Basically I took some vegan sausages and made a curry and stuffed it in some bread that I made. First I made some dough and got the bread going.



Then lightly oil the pan with fennel seeds and mustard seeds, and sausage.


Then some onions, garlic, chilli and ginger


With some curry powder and garam masala and soy sause.


A little tomato pure and some water.


And potatoes of course.


At the same time I made some shambles.







Vinegar and fresh coriander with a pinch of curry powder.



Altogether it makes an awesome meal. Thanks for checking it out.


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I approve of this plant-based posts.

Looks like a tasty treat indeed

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Thanks 😊

It's really starting to get chillier here now, so this is definitely a warming meal! Always love your yummy homemade bread. :)

Thanks, yeah it is starting to get frosty here too, but I think that I am addicted to the surf again lol 😂, when I am not at the beach I am on YouTube watching videos with waves, at least I am getting some exercise I guess 😁

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That looks so good thaks for sharing



Hearty and flavorful, perfect for this time of year 😊
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This sounds and looks fantastic again!
It's not easy to take pictures of food that still looks as good as it does in real life. But you managed it well again :)
Especially the last photo with the bread well decorated in front of the open fire catched my attention and reminded me to bake some bread again. You possibly have no idea what bread in The Netherlands is like ... ;)
I'll bake some next weekend - yes!!!

Thanks for the inspiration!


Thanks I'm glad you like it, yeah there is nothing like home baked bread, I had some Dutch bread when I lived in South Africa, not sure if it would be the same, but it was probably the best I have had.

I assume it was not the same then ... Dutch bread is very soft. No crust ... I think one could minimize one bread to a 1x1x1 cm cube just using your hands.
I love bread being crusty. Soft inside but something to bite on at the outside.
You can't find that here - and if you do, it will change in only some hours ;)

Sounds great, I would like to give it a try

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