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Awww what happen to his friend ?

Friend sent me this picture, possibly because he knows that Stinc is interested in buying steemit.baltic domain names from me.

Sorry, no idea what that means, but if you do well from it , then i am happy !


Couldn't upvote your post so I upvoted your comment instead. Very touching 😔😢

Keep your chin up! :D


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Happy steembirthday 😉!

Wats d hell

Nice 👍 ^^


Oh my god. Very sad moment. 😢😭

헐 ~ 친구야 와이라카노 ~ ㅋ

thanks for sharing vote back done

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A good question @ubg and @zublizainordin UpVoted this post. To Me I do not say it. Yes, no saying of goodbye.

o hooo

사진을 보면서 놀랬습니다

i like your post my friend

What's to like...??? lol...

Lol epic photo I appreciate the up vote by the way Ill be following in return keep up the good post.

I really appreciate you upvoting my posts! Thanks!

Hallo ubg.. I will talk with you in the steemit chat.. Hopefuly

Feliz cumpleaños amigo

Does ubg stand for blUeBlackGreen?

how it's a bad question, cuz for a good friend it's hard to say goodbye

when the next post!! we are all missing you

reSteemed !!

thanks for supporting me and @cipriang

nice post
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Just go... never say goodbye coz you will surely see each other again...

bloody hell, is this the way you
make friends in the baltic area !

it's relay sad for this.
friend in need's a friend indeed.

is that because of the price drop or what :D

There is no sympathy emoticon. Going back to fb.

just love your short and very simple approach ..and you get lots of upvotes well done
Just followed you feel free to visit my post and any other one @chuxlouis lets raise the steem remain blessed @ ubg



i will follow & Upvote you...!!@arifulsm

114 votes and you're only up to $2.21...???
See what I mean about people who don't vote 100%...???
Sorry... I see your votes aren't worth anything at 100%...
Seems you've been on a mission to upvote everyone and
everything... wow...
You could have earned that much from @ctri-alt-nwo alone...

Seriously insane

thanks for share.

What happend ?

Thanks for Share. upvotes & like your post!

Thanks for Share. upvotes & like your post!

Good day ubg :D thank you so much for your vote :D <3 i cant find any new post by you? As i already upvoted this one....

hy @ubg
how do you do


Ohhh my God, may God bless him, get well soon baby @ubg

Hi..follow me y @Rizkiandrian

Keep up the work don't let lows get you down


What is this post about? Don't know how to react. Upvote if you too.

How to say goodbye to her ... say you will always be with her and remember her .... thank ..@fahrullah


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I saw the boy was bleeding, what really happened?


so funny

Have a nice day, good morning

sad? funny? hhh

What to say!!!

He either made a joke gone bad or he just want to help him and be there to cheer him up.

Anyway, from his face he is near his friend.
That's awesome for them to be together and help each other, not running away. Is a good lesson for the future and for life.


Thank you so much for checking my post
you have my up vote

I dont understand the sense on which these posts are made.
Neither in this post. I dont understand how some steemians just post irrelevant items and still gets highly appreciated. I write quality contents purely genuine but still I am underrated.Why?


This picture is very interesting and expressive. I'm glad you shared it with us and you love your friend

Wtf! funny :-)

Thankss for sharing post my friend

@ubg you are different than other

thank you for Upvote my post

and I'm Upvote and following you

@ubg its sad to say goodbye

Pek bişey anlamadım.



No, Sad photos, what happened to her friend

whats really going on?

Interesting post. Following and upvoted. :)