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Man, sorry to hear all that @bryan-imhoff. My advice is yes to mediation, and no to drinking. You’re doing exactly what I do to battle depression and that’s productivity. Even when I don’t want to. I force myself to. I always feel better afterwards. I barely pay attention to the coronavirus thing. I feel it’s wildly sensationalized. The Steemit/STEEM turmoil has been weighing heavily on my mind and heart, through. Hang in there, man. Great work.

Thanks Lars. Yeah... the drinking thing is more or less some "gallows humor" from me, I've never been one for it, but there's an appeal to just shutting my brain down for a while!

I'm not overwhelmingly concerned about Coronavirus, but it's already significantly disrupting some aspects of day to day life around me. My county is the epicenter of outbreaks in PA so far, and has been effectively shut down by the governor, requesting all non essential businesses to close, etc. The "bend the curve" aspect of this panic does make sense to me, especially with some of the reports coming out of Italy as their medical system becomes overwhelmed. The uncertainty just irritates me. I'm 99% sure I'm going to catch it given my work environment. I'm sure I'll be fine, but figuring out if/when/how I'll need to get tested; how long I'll be out of work, etc. is all stressful. In my current mental state though I've jokingly/seriously said, "I could use a good quarantine about now." and I think a lot of creative introverts agree!


Hi @bryan-imhoff I wish you and your family well. This year is just what i thought to be nicer than last year but it is just another sandwich of bad vibes with steem turmoil on the side. I hope that we can all get pass through all these issues.

Thank you @cryptopie. Well wishes to you and yours as well, and of course our whole Steem family too!