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There is too much quarreling around the free downvote.

There must be the responsibility on what we are doing.
But there are no room for asking the responsibility for the free downvoting.

The free downvote seems the privilege of the whales.

In ideal form, each account must have same free downvote mana, not relating to the amount of the SP, if it is free, in my opinion.

If the downvote is not free, then it seems be no problem that the downvoting mana allocated according to as much as they own SP.

My suggestion, if the free dowun vote is essential in the Steemit community, it is more useful that let ach account have same free downvote mana.

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I feel like it never worked for me, I’d have 100% downvote power and then after downvoting someone I’d have 10 hours to recharge... weird

Free downvote mana that is even for each user sounds interesting. It is a large responsibility to make sure that the free downvote is not forgotten. It’s not as simple as setting up auto-downvotes and joining curation trails like it is with upvotes when you are too busy to use all of your daily upvotes manually.

The answer is not easy to come up with, but it does exist.

thank you for your comment.

👍 anytime

I just see that some people are also abusing it @slowwalker but now that free downvotes are here we just have to learn to deal with it.

So lots of accounts were leaving due to the fee downvotes, and they don't want to buy the steem in the exchange, on the contrary they'd like to sell the Steems in the exchange.

It's certainly effecting you quite strongly.

I suppose it's one thing when the downvotes are for trace amounts but I looked at a few of your posts. Clearly it has a huge impact on you.


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I think it was mostly done in part to help those trying to enforce against spam and whatnot in order for them to not burn up all of their voting power policing things.

Not sure what the best course of action is on all of this.. I see both sides of the fence on it and they are both valid in my eyes.

as always...
But we need to find out the balance between somewhere.

I agree with you 100%.

Same DV mana for each user sounds interesting, yet there is some new problem, what if one has make several fake accounts? also easy to abuse

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paying some steem mana to down vote is reasonable. in order to down vote they need to power up some amount of the SP in their account, small amount though.

Free downvotes is also abused, I feel like there should be another way to prevent spam and similar vices. What if a fork is initiated to give authors the power to delete comments from their post, and to mute or block certain kinds of content from their feeds?

I had an idea where you have to pick why you're downvoting a post.

That’s a pretty good idea 👍

This would help cut down on abuse. Also, I was thinking to also require at least one sentence as to how the post breaks steemit's rules

I'd say that works.

나도 같은 생각을 많이 해봤습니다. 업보트는 스파 보유로 해도 다운 보팅은 유저라면 모두가 같은 마나를 갖는것이 합리적이다 라는 생각말입니다. 그런데 그것도 역시 문제를 야기 하기는 마찬가지일거 같습니다. 다운 보팅은 아예 없어져야 합니다. 그어느 프로젝트도 세우거나 실행 할수가 없도록 만드는 다운보팅은 스팀에서 최우선으로 추방 되어야 합니다.

I can't help consenting to his opinion. 전적으로 동의합니다. 천운님~^^

I think the problem is there is no rule and any objective standards to follow when anyone try to downvote. Downvoting has misspent by personal feeling or highly subjective point of views. But there isn't any methods to control and correct the misspending and impose any panalties since the steemit foundation wasn't powerful enough. In my opinion, we should find another way to impose any panalties on abusing thier power not by downvoting because even giving same downvoting mana to each account has possibility to creat a innocent victim.

Steemit community

There is no such thing. Or at least nowadays.
Steemit is the past president of the (social networks) being alive club. Steemit is a dead dApp on the Steem blockchain. Nowadays I (and many other people) do not even use it. If you check the statistics, then you can see that nowadays there are 23-32 000 daily active Steem users (on the whole Steem blockchain), the average number of posts per day is 8-10 000, but the average number of comments per post is only 1-2, and most of these comments are bot comments. The real human comments are rare on the Steem blockchain, especially on Steemit. Most of the people are focusing only on their own posts, but they do not care about other people's posts. Most of the posts are either ignored or overlooked. The most of the Steem blockchain users are selfish and greedy. There is no social factor on Steemit. The Steem blockchain is doomed by its own users.

The nature of Human being is selfish and greedy.
So accusing the nature of human being will not give us the solution.
What made us greedy is the rewards of the Steemit.
If we remove the rewards, what will happen in the steemit community.

The nature of Human being is selfish and greedy.

Not everyone. There are many good, unselfish/selfless people.

If we remove the rewards, what will happen in the steemit community.

There is only one way to find out. :)
The leader of the Steemit should really try that. At least for a few weeks. I would see what would happen. Probably the number of the posts would decrease close to zero. I say close to zero, because I saw some people, who published at least some of their posts with the "decline payout" setting, so a few people would maybe stay for posting even without the rewards.

IMO only downvotes should be counted and it should cost much more to post.

One vote per online identity has forever been a problem.
How can you be so clueless?

Stop voting for the sun witnesses @slowwalker!

Downvotes are not really free because they are limited by number (12 full downvotes or 10 full upvotes per account per day). The first 2 downvotes dont affect upvote mana the rest does. So it's not really free because it's a limited resource.