Chester County Pennsyvania - Drugged AGAINST our G-d-Given FREE WILL

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KING DAVID - learn from the good book

I have not seen my girls for over 2 years and feel like I've been mourning their loss this whole time. I have no idea where they live or with whom. Their phone is disconnected and I get no replies to my e-mails to them. I know some of you have been alienated from your child(ren) for much longer. I hope to encourage you with this. It struck me while reading the story of King David in the Bible. If you know of him, you'll know that he was a man "after God's own heart." He was highly imperfect, though. He had an affair and then had the husband killed when he discovered he got her pregnant. Pretty scandalous stuff, for sure. I know the reasons we don't have our children in our lives are many. We use the term parental alienation and each of us likely truly believes that our situation is a textbook definition of this insidious separation of our children from us. God knows you love your child(ren). David was no exception. His affair, the murder, child born out of wedlock was all evil in the sight of God. So much so that He sent a messenger to tell David that his child was going to die. David was distraught and he fasted and laid on the ground all night. His servants were afraid he was going to hurt himself. When his child did die, they were afraid to tell him. Instead of harming himself when he discovered that his child had died, do you know what he did? He got up, bathed, changed his clothes and the Bible says he went to church and WORSHIPED God. I find that remarkable. He accepted what had happened, acknowledged God's sovereignty and worshiped HIM in spite of his circumstances.
I know many of you are hurting. This is the most painful thing I personally have had to endure. Some days have been extremely hard, but the days that I have a right perspective by acknowledging God and believing that He loves me and also loves and is protecting my children - those are the days that I carry on with a smile on my face and have hope for the future. Wherever you are in your journey, I hope you will bend a knee to God and ask Him to care for your child(ren) and restore your relationship to them. I pray for all of us and our kids. It's not fair to our kids who are stuck in the middle and taught to love one and hate the other parent. Nothing can make this easier, but some of you will find it easier by drawing close to God and discover that He'll draw close to you. Blessings friends.

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