What Is A Mechanical Trading System And How Do I Make One?

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Now it's time to show you how to develop a forex trading system to give your thin trading strategy more meat.

We'll teach you everything you need to know about forex automated trading systems in particular.

Trading systems that create trade signals for a trader are known as mechanical trading systems.

They're dubbed mechanical for the reason that a trader will carry out the deal irrespective of market conditions.

In theory, this should eliminate biases and emotions in your trading because you are expected to obey your system's rules at all times.

If you conduct a simple Google search for “forex trading methods,” you'll find a slew of people claiming to have the “Holy Grail” system available for “just” a few thousand dollars.

These schemes are said to make thousands of pips per week while never losing money.

They'll show you the ostensible “results” of their immaculate systems, which will turn your eyes into dollar signs while you sit there thinking, “Wow, I can earn all this money if I just give this guy $3,000.” Besides, if his method generates hundreds of pips per week, I'll be able to recoup my investment quickly.

Before you give them your credit card number and make that impulse purchase, there are a few things you should know.

The truth is that a lot of these systems truly works. The problem is that forex traders lack the discipline necessary to adhere to the system's guidelines.

The second reality (Is there such a thing as a second truth?) is that instead of spending thousands of dollars on a system, you can invest your time developing your own automated trading system for free and use the money you would have spent on your forex trading account as capital.

The third fact is that mechanical trading systems aren't all that difficult to develop. What's challenging is sticking to the rules you establish when you're developing your system.

There are a lot of publications that offer systems, but we haven't come across any that teach you how to make your own.

This class will walk you through the procedures necessary to create a forex mechanical trading system that is tailored to your needs.

Your mechanical trading system's objectives

We know what you're thinking: “DUH, my trading system's goal is to make a billion bucks!”

While that is a very good objective, it is not the type of goal that would help you become a great forex trader.

You want to fulfill two extremely crucial goals when designing your automatic trading system:

Trends should be detected as early as feasible by your system.

You should be able to prevent being whipsawed by your system.

You have a far better chance of being successful if you can achieve those two goals with your trading method.

The difficult issue about those objectives is that they are mutually exclusive.

If your system's primary purpose is to spot patterns early, you'll most likely get duped several times.

If you use a mechanical trading strategy that concentrates on avoiding whipsaws, on the other hand, you will be late on many transactions and likely miss out on many more.

When creating a mechanical trading system, your aim is to strike a balance between the two objectives.

Find a technique to spot trends early on, as well as strategies to tell the difference between bogus and true signals.

Visit our Free Forex Trading Systems post in our forums if you're not sure where to begin.

Many forex traders share their trading system ideas, so you could find one or two that you can incorporate into your own mechanical trading system.


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