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@ubg i found you vote up my birthday post. i wanna say thanks for your kindness, i'm hopeful we can be friend. thanks and good night.

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looooool haha

Lol I love pancakes :)
& Thanks for your continuous support! Its greatly appreciated my friend. Upvoted

i very love cake



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When you don’t have a tissue?

Hhahahha so funny, but you can never have to many pancakes

HHH this's so funny !!
you have a good posts !!
continue i support you @ubg

That doesn't happen often ... this kind of overdose ?! 😂


Haha! Years later she'll see this photo! Adorable :)

Hey face is hilarious!😂😂 love the pancake overdose!

that face when i wake up and slept late lol :P

These weren't regular pancakes mom

this photo is so precious.. haha

hahahaha!!! by seeing this picture the flash back of my childhood flashed in my mind because this is exactly how i used to react when i used to on outing with my parents and they jus used to keep on feeding you with the edibles .first we used to be happy upon seeing the food items then after the stomach used to get extended it was the exact reaction we used to give to our parents..
@ubg thank you for reminding our childhood by this sort of picture .u deserve an upvote for this and a follow for sure and i did both.. so keep shearin such stuff thank you very much once again.

kindly visit my blog @naseerbhat and do give a follow and an upvote if u like the content i had posted

My face when i smell the coffee in the morning....

I follow you and I thank you for the vote :)

Hello @ubg
I would like to say thanks for always upvoting my posts.eventough your not making a comment...i always see you upvoting it..thanks a lot..aporeciated much.

but in child not seen love that

but in child not seen love that

she can't eat more...

thanks for the upvote man you gat an upvote and a follow

Haha!! why is this kid smelling the pancakes. That cinnamon must smell good.

** This looks like this....**


That's a good reason why randowhale won,t visit us @ubg LOL.

More pancakes please

thanks for upvote ...
follow u ..

haha Now this made me laugh :D

Hello my dear friend
You are flattered
Please flood me @haji

Hello my dear friend
You are flattered
Please flood me @haji

Excelente, espero ver tu nuevo post y sorpréndenos.


Great blog!

Very good @ubg

So funny haha, Greetings from Mexico.

bien amigo

Frankly I say I keep distance from Bakery items but I will try this today. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted

Hi bro, vote for my post

@убг Oh my God)))

s takimi pirogami

This happens when you drive yourself beyond limit! People should be more careful , lmao

These look like the pancakes my mom used to make. She's Lithuanian. Lots of Eastern European influence!


하하, 재미있네요.
새로운 한 주 즐겁게 보내세요

You upvoted my post yesterday want to return the favor and i followed you. Thanks

Thanks for the upvote. followed and upvote you.

hah hah hah That's the funniest. :-)

That's really funny.

Haha I get it. Is this normal way to eat pancakes in wherever this is? :D


She looks like she's had a few too many

very nice!

haha :D

We need an IV with maple syrup STAT! This girl is going into a hotcake coma!

Good pic!! Thanks for upvoting me on my street photography.

Hello people's !!

lots of people asking for this Pancake

thats awesome!!

Hahahaha... just stumbled accross this accidentally and had to laugh out loud. Can't even stop.. together with your headline its just too funny! Will "haunt" me all day... 😂

Upvote and Follow you....same needed from you.....

I would like to thank you very much for your always upvoting my posts.. really I appreciate that from you :)
Now tell me. Is this little pretty girl ate the cinnamon or acted like this cat? hahahaha

@ubg thank you

lmao hahaha thanks for sharing up vote is in order @mannyfig1956

This picture brings me back to the younger days, I also had these moments. I will follow your work:D

hi ... i saw that you vote up my latest post thank you so much ... i followed you .

Nice ;)


haha (^_^)
addiction !!

Блин - панкейк)))



Pancake overdose good title..........belly full......... that's why mouth not opening or Photographer was hurry to take the picture! (~^~)