Homemade Paella

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Homemade Paella. This is our own version of Paella. When it comes to food @sunnylife likes rice a lot. Here is the simple recipe for our Paella.

Rice 1 cup
Red/ black pepper
Salmon (optional)

Chop all the vegetables
Soak the rice in water
Saute vegetables
Put herbs
Add spinach
Add a water to keep it moist
When the vegetables are ready, put the rice.

Bake the salmon 20 mins.
Add water if necessary to cook the rice.
When the rice is ready, add the baked salmon in the pan.
You can also put the whole pan in the oven if you want a crunchy Paella, for about 15-30 minutes.

Hope you like this simple paella dish.

Keep shining everyone.

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Yours truly,
The village girl @sunnylife in the Ulogian Forest

Yours truly,
The village girl @sunnylife

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Looks really good!

thank you so much
It is. :)

Looks absolutely delicious and so healthy.
Also looks like fun to make and easy to make.

Thank you for sharing this awesome recipe with us.
I have never heard of Paella, so I'm glad you shared it

Have a lovely day, my friend.

thank you so much Jo.
always good to see you.
Happy Friday

Wow.. yummy upvote

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salamat sis nadaaan :)

I think I'll try a paella like this!
yum yum

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thanks so much samic.

Woo looks really delicious, thanks for posting your recipe.

thank you.

There is a similar delicacy here in nigeria ....but not with soo much ingredients....nice meal @sunnylife 🙂

aha! love rice! cook some for me when I go to Africa

Lolx.... Sure I 😁😁

Galing mo pala mag luto mam

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salamat sir, taga halo lang ako hehe

sherep naman niyan sis 😍

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salamat sis
dapat pala laging fud para madaanan nyahaha

I could eat like a king with that food around @sunnylife

come, let's eat sweetpie:)

Yummy @sunnylife ❤️

salamat sis

Wow...it looks nice....I bet it tastes as nice as it looks....

thanks so much.

Que riicooo!!!! Lo que me encanta...

gracias amiga

Actually at first look I thought the rice are maggots. But it looks delicious.


In my country there are types of dishes that are almost the same as Paella. His name is Nasi Godog, made with ingredients that are also almost the same as Paella but for the taste I can't compare.

Godog rice, has a savory taste, delicious and fresh because it uses chicken meat flavor. I am interested in making a recipe if there is time.

Btw, make paella is quite short and simple, and it seems to be easy to practice. I will try. Thank you for the article.

thanks a lot. Where are you from?Indonesia?
Nasi Godog, sounds yummy!

Yes, i am from Indonesia, you know, the opposite of nasi godog is nasi goreng, like mie goreng and many more

Wow sis...looks really yummy...😋

salamat sis.
musta ka na?

que rica receta gracias



salamat sis.
tara na!


Your Recipe has been featured in the Steemkitchen Picks Of the week Article. Thank you for your continued Support. May the Hunger Stay with You.

thank you so much.
More power.

Oh man a paella of Salmon should be delicious, it looks better then the ones I have had, good prep @sunnylife