how I make an gelatin fondant

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Good day everyone, Hello to all my fellow members on hive today am going to show you something different which is how I make my gelatin fondant.

Recipe for my gelatin fondant

Icing sugar - 1kg
Glucose - 100 grams
Waters - 70 grams
1 tablespoon of gelatin
Half tablespoon of CMC

Process oh how I make a gelatin fondant
Firstly I measure my water in a clean pot just small quantity of water then you measured my gelatin in a separate cup and pour it inside your measure water and leave it for about 5 to 10 mins

Then in another separate bowl I have my selve icing sugar and CMC mix together


Then I now put my measure gelatin on the hot water and leave to melt after the melting then I added my Glucose then put it back on the fire again and melt completely

Then I took small out of my measured icing sugar and cmc before I added my measured gelatin and Glucose then I added gradually until well mixed

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