A Taste from Rajasthan (India)

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Hi foodies !


Have any idea what is this?


sprouted beans (moth)

A special taste of Rajasthan , rich in protein content, these beans (moth) make a perfect snack or a full meal . This recipe brings the sweet, sour and spicy flavors for a delicious meal. Yum!!

Like by almost everyone and can enjoy this recipe many types; dried , Curry or so on.

First we have to soak the beans the night before. They will usually sprout In a day or two.
And can cook as ur wish, simply Cook like other vegetable, or make moth Curry or can add onion and tomato.
I cooked it simply and enjoy with hot wheat chapatis 😋

Taste , love and life


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Yum! So, you just cook the beans like normal?

Yes! I just fried it with oil and add salt and other spices.

Are wah Guru g great idea, ye mai bhe try kr sakta hua esa lagta hai.
kuki isme jyada kuch krna nahi hai😋 😂

Haa ji...nd health bhi h, oily bhi nhi hota.

yes as we know that health and wealth, but I loved fried items more than steem one😋

I have never had that, but it looks like it would be good.

Try it once, if u get the chance, u will definitely like it.

Have a glorious day 😀

I've been to Rajasthan but haven't tried It. Looks tasty.

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Ohh...try it once...u will definitely enjoy it.

Have a glorious day 😀