Good Burger

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Hi Friends,

I went to Wendy's recently and tried their Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger Double - here is a pic from their menu:


This was delicious! Wendy's does a good job on their buns, and this burger had almost a half pound of meat. The sweetness of the bourbon barbeque sauce was a great contrast to the crisp/salty bacon - it was a fantastic cheese burger!

Of course, I will be doing an extra workout after consuming a thousand calorie burger, but it will have been worth it! I recommend this one!

Thanks for coming by,

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So delicious the burger is bro, i like it so much.

Glad to hear it!

Looks like good burger

Yes! I enjoyed it!

I always like to yake burger. I prefer burger to pizza.

Me too my friend!

I never eat such burger. All i eat is very simple made just beside street.

Still sounds yummy to me!

Just seeing it stimulates the appetite.


Good Monday yummy 🤤 sir @brian.rrr

It looks spectacular and with that double meat much better.

Totally agree on the double meat!

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I love this delicious dish, @brian.rrr

Wow, that hamburger looks really good, the soda and the french fries are missing.