TheFoodieMoM#41/ TRending CHocolate Dream Cake in PH worth 2 steem oNLy

in food •  4 years ago 

This cake was made by my friend of mine @rodylina. She is now into baking plus a business. I tried it. Me and my daughter love the taste because it was not too sweet. I could say it 100% because i'm not a sweet lover this one make me eat.


This cake has a five layer of different chocolate.

1st Layer: Choco Moist Cake
2nd Layer: Chocolate Ganache
3rd Layer: Chocolate Pudding
4th Layer: Melted Chocolate
5th Layer: Sifted Cocoa Powder


Food is like sex: When you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look good.
-Beth McCollister



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