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This question shall be answered by the analysis of some data from the application coin-doubler.

How does coin-doubler work

This application generates profits in the cryptoscene by using the most advanced technology and everybody can benefit from it by "donations". Donations to coin-doubler are rewarded with twice the amount in the same token over an unspecified period of time, also as a gift.

Evaluation of a randomly selected donation

The user fresh-foam has donated 3,600.000 STEEM to coin-doubler with this transaction 307170f0040abd83e9b90fbe720a221f79f9ef11 on 11/27/2021 UTC.

List of the gifts

The table below lists the corresponding gifts which the user fresh-foam has received from coin-doubler.

111/28/2021141.026 STEEMd5f5e1317503cafa2b2355fb005416c6082445db
211/29/2021143.945 STEEM23ffb6c8c09d6c6bf4f441911cfff1412e628bec
311/30/2021136.239 STEEMd8fd15e5ea586c2247d24cbcdf4346626e77326f
412/01/2021121.973 STEEM84f7e56c44f58611391ee2cb15e7c4281739f04e
512/02/2021119.538 STEEM82bc8d0d6abe3e064e09b1eecf4a949581a0eae6
612/03/2021121.019 STEEM594ed587854240f92f88bec802768e0525bb0f62
712/04/2021133.841 STEEM271e2b0bbfcdc8acde27fa96e22b110a4d556a1a
812/05/2021127.940 STEEMfb8236eaa5ce269ef338fb76235fa1b7e04ad481
912/06/2021143.377 STEEM71ab2cc553bcac0f4c493265e90c1d242d4be26d
1012/07/2021124.807 STEEMfd36a70232ea28035313d8cba329688b6fce6cc8
1112/08/2021120.521 STEEM407001f05c0e882a92a59479a3d62634a714838c
1212/09/2021130.523 STEEMbaea7468164b7c6a5e1a1f0e55bd9bf6c841dd7f
1312/10/2021142.413 STEEM8f2e346c9c3626f1f8fc812d164673e4ece261af
1412/11/2021121.884 STEEM25895573765620e29ac65768865b19ddac420152
1512/12/2021134.257 STEEM23e226734f3a099931b0659d98f8bfde7ee9a1c9
1612/13/2021118.142 STEEM645055817578b49a6155ed0f81a320833928ae47
1712/14/2021135.517 STEEM7304589473b88b1a62a979ec69fb5261eb97709e
1812/15/2021124.430 STEEM7fb3f044c6994cbf65d3cb94982bd11f1d8b145b
1912/16/2021135.170 STEEM52ba4c488408cf121593e212ed81a149c88d9ef3
2012/17/2021110.775 STEEM6a005b8d0e03d29e5dcb14e7d7840ba8b5149d7c
2112/18/2021133.724 STEEM2c37efbadeeded30cc0f178b3c5b73da703105fa
2212/19/2021123.446 STEEM8894162d2e7540483765391f0fb3fe1eab535934
2312/20/2021141.632 STEEMe23942d3a04a9d03af087eb127cd40b2f237b971
2412/21/2021132.814 STEEMbb781213b498f3af1068354ab1db862dff89a71b
2512/22/2021138.255 STEEM04b842259fb75f31b807a376fa84d7906d840a98
2612/23/2021124.924 STEEM4144ad23216eb96174cd88c3cfe110799d917e8c
2712/24/2021133.810 STEEM6f7b609f0f48bf27e4a505e8b757b0dbb5b1af1b
2812/25/2021121.116 STEEM4d7e017f2f1c5fd99b0ec1aa38ae9e0eeba64544
2912/26/2021129.231 STEEM2f0b680a6ab85d1bff7c13ec1a3394297e16714b
3012/27/2021136.038 STEEMcff1db64a2b26844fbaf7be3a4d40e76d3cd53ef
3112/28/2021135.179 STEEM8f86e59b27bbb2eb0fdada6617dabf86627c2f5a
3212/29/2021109.037 STEEM2d397bd0a551a0634ab2e3d33e567ee083fea463
3312/30/2021125.928 STEEM3821d593275089f1ca02d56a370c26ed42583df8
3412/31/2021141.431 STEEM06ea02fd299d1452429c0534abfb7a56d48ca462
3501/01/2022132.379 STEEM15cc2919d3aefe901b7165a7298f252daff510b7
3601/02/2022113.628 STEEM9b5cac971810e4c23f1261917f19e0f0334e9e93
3701/03/2022119.667 STEEMac156091378553248f417eabdd2a4d2e874aa04b
3801/04/2022123.451 STEEMbf1c463ff65dac953d84e31349c09ecbf128dccb
3901/05/2022132.507 STEEM13bacc12bb7101cc0031e813750a05c1b51edbcc
4001/06/2022136.384 STEEM710ccf4d204b0ea8b8f0174e39a40fe55e50734c
4101/07/2022109.728 STEEM2947474a43200bcfcedcc4ee9fc127273a91e6e5
4201/08/2022143.026 STEEM10de7d2cae960b331e72ef83344f834d5ead9eb9
4301/09/2022108.300 STEEM2e534733865118f8443f2249ddef1654837bb0d9
4401/10/2022124.850 STEEM95161f2adb0854157611ca61068d1df702bc1a33
4501/11/2022115.629 STEEMd8b385d0a9bcd7e7a22d281a06d88193b6335e55
4601/12/2022123.295 STEEM16cd2c1fa6cea5d36f59d1073c6ceced2e6851af
4701/13/2022133.375 STEEM4067411d35d0e0fd06a204f52e6646964b96dcd2
4801/14/2022135.337 STEEM6909501cfc0079eccde7140e95ea610e186e70a4
4901/15/2022112.082 STEEM3e59f8fa5ea6d0c1bb10c5ab2b36274509e40591
5001/16/2022109.092 STEEMc0270769a3f24942b94993d036e224d344d4124a
5101/17/2022117.373 STEEM1d6188e27c31189d9d34b4d40a05bdc8f1bba974
5201/18/2022138.185 STEEM162b35d9482265aafdd20d97e31f7c4ada78e301
5301/19/2022120.757 STEEM122eb2f2d438f7c9cee16836681e05c06d1c5116
5401/20/2022111.345 STEEMe198f6f8b3e38211df25783e869ca4fd478f8685
5501/21/2022113.539 STEEM70dfa67453ba1a0c0572eb86272e4ef9383da633
5601/22/2022135.685 STEEMd3ca4aed4a9b255b4f204e61fe7e040f892e8208
5701/23/202276.484 STEEM6ce2b190f34fc2f1d43a514a977de9dbbd478f10

Total: 7,200.000 STEEM


The user fresh-foam has been rewarded with twice the amount of the "donation" within 57 days.

Technical Analysis for STEEM

As the application coin-doubler has the potential to attract numerous investors, STEEM's price is expected to rise.

Technical Analysis for STEEM crypto currency

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