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I so miss my Dad.

... and I know how that feels, Sis!

Resteemed ... 'Cause my Dad is in Heaven too :'(

I am sorry to hear that your Dad is also no longer around. And thank you for the resteem, my friend! Have a great week ahead! Take care.

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Mine’s there too Saver 😭😭😭

Very sweet note, but ya got me all teary eyed in starbucks...

I was teary-eyed completing the letter meme, my friend. My Dad was the sweetest.

Mine too Saver 😍👍



Sorry saver. I'm remembering mine today as well.

We have to remember to pray for our fathers every day. It is the children that will ensure that they are never forgotten.

Lots of our fathers are with him saver !!!!!!! ;-)

I know, right? I know that he is with his one and true love... my Mom!

Sorry to hear that your father has passed. I’m sorry Saver🌹

Thanks, my bestie. My Dad passed after a year of grieving for my Mom. It was right after my graduation from the university. My Mom is the greatest love of his life, and I think that it saddened him so much. Looking back, I oftentimes I think that he just waited for me to graduate, but he really to join my Mom in heaven. They say that deep and true love is such that when your true love passes away, the heart weakens to a point that it stops beating.

That’s very sad, but they do say that’s the case. It happened to my grandparents. One died the other didn’t make it 8 months.😪

Hello friend it is very sad full that u r father left u,but brother every body has to go after doing his job at a time when GOD fixed ,Be brave & go forward in u r life

Thank you for this very sweet comment! I miss my Dad very much and always pray for him. They say that every accomplish woman is an amazing Dad. I am very cognizant of the fact that many of my strengths are the result of his genes and his upbringing together (with my Mom). My Dad will always be remembered by me... he will never be forgotten.

Sweet letter to your dad.

Is your son doing anything special for you today, my dear friend? Have a wonderful Fathers Day celebration, @mr-vulcan!

I hope they can still hear us in our prayers!

I know they do!!! And none of our prayers are ever wasted! it is always worthwhile praying for our Dads. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, my friend. Take care.

@silversaver888 , I appreciate you sharing this very meaningful post with us. I am sorry that your father has left our physical plane, but I do know that he must look down on you with nothing but pride and wonder. He can see all the strong attributes that you have carried on and all the positive impacts you have made on all those around you. A true indication of the wonderful traits he and your mother left to you. Thanks so much my friend!!

I miss my daddy 😢 And I love the note! My little girl is getting married in September! Thank you, my SSFL👊💗

I am very sure your little girl feels has the same sentiments as I have for my Daddy. I will pray for a great life for her and the man she chose to marry. Dads are very special people in this world. Happy Fathers Day, my SSFL👊💗

This is beautiful, my friend <3 (oops - sorry! i was logged into the wrong account lol... this is @dreemsteem of course)

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