Thanks to Steemchurch (@farms) I have the parsley seeds (My suggestions)

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Hello friends from the Steemit community, and especially the Steemians who follow @farms every day. Today I want to thank #Steemchurch and #FARMS for the parsley seeds, which I will start planting as soon as I prepare the soil. Many users who read the title of this publication will be asked ¿Steemchuch and the farms will finance agricultural inputs or #FARMS will accept agricultural projects?


Well friends, the answers to the questions, are within the project of #farms, but as we all know, for now the projects have only started in Nigeria, although the idea is to benefit many people who want to start the business of agriculture in different parts of the world, and of course Venezuela is waiting for this; because the objective is to eradicate hunger and for this, it is necessary to produce food; Let us pray with great faith in our Lord so that this will soon be a reality.

Now well: How did @farms help me, with my parsley seeds?

My thanks to @farms, is because I managed to buy the seeds of parsley and some fertilizers for my next harvest, with the rewards saved so far, from the publications on scheduled agricultural topics. This week I will start with the preparation of the soil and the installation of the sprinkler irrigation system.

This has given me an idea, that in the same way that I could buy the seeds, many users of #farms can also do it, and I mean the users who really want to start a planting.


All the topics that are published daily in #FARMS, are of great importance, because this is part of the knowledge feedback in this community, but among all the users that publish, there is perhaps a small portion, which are actually working in the farming, or that in truth, are willing to make a sow or raise animals.

The idea is that everyone gets involved with the production of food, but for this it is necessary that STEEMCHURCH FARMS generate new strategies to motivate the members of the community to become directly involved with agriculture, from cultivating in their gardens or in pots to cultivating outdoor field or raising animals. PROPOSAL: This could be achieved if @FARMS announced that they will give more support to publications where the user is doing an agricultural activity; This is not a condition for all publications, the publications will continue as they have been, but I am sure that many will feel motivated and leave their rooms to plant vegetables in their gardens, raise animals or carry out any activity that relations with agriculture; With respect to those who do not own land, surely they will also go in search of land.


It is interesting to see that more and more followers are increasing in #FARMS, which I consider a wonderful opportunity to rescue the agricultural culture in many countries, especially in those that today go through a crisis due to the lack of food, as it happens here. in my country, Venezuela.

It is admirable to see members of the community like @abiye, with its important fish farming, which has shown the desire to produce food; and the case of @loso, who has said that he does not know much about crops, but that his dream is to see his community produce food.

With these suggestions, I am sure that many of those who publish in (FARMS), will take advantage of the special supports to start their crops and keep them until the end; While with optimism and faith, we hope that the project of #farms, soon, reaches all its members and communities, for now I consider this a good way out.

Another one of my suggestions is that for all those who publish in #FARMS, it is necessary to reinforce their research on the different topics, visit the agricultural farms, so that they can send us the experiences of the producers, we should familiarize ourselves with the life in the field, which In turn, it is wonderful and interesting.


The above, I do according to one of the suggestions, which recently made d #FARMS to the members of the community: "@ farms is a growing community, we appreciate the suggestions of the members of the community about the best way to help FARMS grow in the most favorable way for its members ". Source

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Thanks for this amazing suggestions, we @farms would put it into consideration and we also wish you success in your farm

Thank you very much, it would be very interesting to include in the program of the week, at least one day, in which the user is invited to participate in some agricultural activity, such as: sow in gardens, present an initiative or development of an agricultural project. This would be a day with much dynamism, greetings.

oscar I am also from venezuela and I am with my husband building a hotbed to plant ajis and tomatoes, which as you know is super expensive in our country and for us to have this climate is easy to grow then I will publish this project I started greeting and luck .

Hello @maribelquere97, the success of any crop depends on the nurseries, so we must take care of them and protect them, if we obtain healthy and vigorous plants we will have good yields. I recommend covering your seedbeds with mesh and fumigating the seedlings twice a week with mancozobet and neem juice, do not use granular fertilizers, use the rotten stick sifted with sand and pour carefully on the seedlings, this will help strengthen the stem. Another recommendation is to avoid puddling in tomato seedlings, just keep the soil moist, these plants are very prone to get sick with the fungus, which causes the fall and death. After 15 days, fumigate your plants with foliar fertilizer, with high phosphorus content. Between 21 and 25 days the transplant of the tomato plants. The seedlings of sweet pepper, their growth is slower than tomatoes, but should not spend more than 30 days in the nursery, since we should avoid flowering in the nursery. Greetings and success in your cultivation.

Wow brilliant suggestions though, it's so amazing I hope it gets implementated

Thank you very much @josediccus, It is important that we all collaborate with the growth of STEEMCHURCHFARMS.

This is a very good suggestion.

Hello @bigssam, the idea is that we all somehow get involved in the production of food, even creating a small garden or pots. Greetings, may God bless you.

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Hello, excellent suggestions, I am more than sure that @steemchurch in conjunction with the project @farms, will approve, I join this work, my desire is to plant parsley on my balcony, but the seeds are very expensive, so I will go with another product

@oscarcede I'm with you in this. Its a great suggestion. Having people hand a real hands on will help motivate most individuals here on steemit. I'm in for this and I'm with you in this.
Opps!!! I recommend you increase your tags for us to get more people see this.
More people need to see your great works, I've resteemed your post to increse it publicity.

More success @oscarcede

Thanks @loso, the idea is that people get involved in the production of food; Thank you for your suggestion of the labels, greetings.