FARMS- My campaign start here on steemit.My dream to make each Ghanaian user here go into small farming. My adventure to feed My house with fresh products from farm.

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Welcome to Ghana where our land is majorly used for agricultural purposes we love farming. This is Africa, I know most people here will agree with me. And that's what we stand for..

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I live in Kojokrom, in the western part of Ghana. The vast majority here depend for the most part on farming for their livelihood. We were from Takoradi and later moved in to Kojokrom, Takoradi is today unofficially called Ghana’s oil city after the discovery of oil in the Western region However there is no doubt that the advent of oil is transforming the city and also my beloved Takoradi is in the core of the city so you can just imagaine how life there will be. Kojokrom on the other looked somehow deprived but its looks quite ok. As a town boy who lived in the cities city, my moving to the Kojokrom was something I never expected. Even Regardless of whether I ought to , it shouldn't have been that time, hence farming work looked kinda new to me the very day we moved there. Honestly I really enjoyed the food we ate the very first day we moved in into our new house, every food stuff we purchased was fresh from the farm 100% natural and free from harmful pesticides. We eat 100% organic foods. Be it the likes of vegetables and even fruits. Imagine getting up each morning and having a warm water lemon juice OMG!!! That feeling😍.

Now To The Bussiness

It all started one Friday public holiday and my brother and I decided to take a stroll in the community on our way going we noticed that 1 out of 15 houses had farm in their backyard. Having all these into consideration I decided to practice a backyard farming just near our house. The piece of land I planned to use was quite bushy so I decided to clear the land and make it ready for farming. I plan of growing basic kitchen ingredients needed for cooking here in Ghana thus the likes of; tomato pepper onion okra garden eggs ginger etc. Considering the size of the land we were able to clear I've decided to test how best I can achieve my mission to continue eating crops that are free from any toxic chemicals and 100% natural. So I would say I am on my way of making this reality come true since I have made the first step. Here are some pics of my cousin and I busily working on the land to make it ready.


Tools used

  • Cutlass
  • Hoe
  • Pickaxe(I used in place of Mattock)

Materials Used

  • Gloves - used as a PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) to protect my hands from sharp and pointed object.
  • Stick -Helped in the weeding procedure; thus used it to remove stones and other irregular objects away form the weeding area.
  • Sharpening Stone- used it to sharpen the cutting edge of the cutlass.

Challenges That I Encountered

  1. The nature of weeds present
    This is the #1 challenge I believe home gardeners face. Know the kind of weeds you’re trying to control. Some weeds may tend to be stubborn in nature.

  2. Insects
    Mostly these atom sized creatures wont let you smoothly do the work the way and manner you want. They will give you instant bite and leave you in anguish by their usual buzzing sound.

  3. Weather
    Nobody can anticipate or predict the climate. It’s not worth stressing about it. My advice to steemit users planning to go into farming is to start the weeding process early morning, there is nothing quite as pleasant as starting off your morning in the garden.

  4. Physical Aspects
    To cut things short, it wasn't easy as I expected it to be. The frequent bending to cut the weeds alone was a problem.

It seemed like I would never finish. The starting was kinda hectic, in fact it seemed like eternity. But to my suprise... within a twinkle of an eye, BHOOOOH!!! I managed to clear every one of the weeds. Will be waiting for couple of days to pass then follow up with the next adventure. Thanks to y'all for reading. Until then , see you in my next post.

Bellow are some pictures I took before and aftere the process.
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We mice love posts from hardworking folk. Cultivating the land. Building. Growing. Feeding the world - one small farm at a time.

Resteemed and good luck loso.

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I love when @sniffnscurry does this to working people who fight siceramente and integrally to get reward, my congratulations my brother, you have earned it God bless you.

@michellechristie, am sure you know how thrilled I was to seeing @sniffnscurry hit my page with such a suprise. I've earned it. 😉

Yes friend, I got very excited too because I love when the sincere effort is rewarded. It's fair and you deserve it, enjoy your reward and bless your neighbor God bless you

Getting fresh stocks from the markert will soon be a thing of the past to me . Planning of feeding myself where I will grow and consume the fresh vegetables I will cultivate myself. Thanks for the massive hit on my blog @sniffnscurry. I really appreciate your support.

Feeding the world - one small farm at a time.

will be very glad if users here will join me in this very attempt.😍

Sir @sniffnscurry, and @farms kindly check this out:

It's a post a shared with @farms. It is a nice read. Check it out!


(to be a part of this community; ensure to always use #farms and #steemchurch for agricultural related post)

▪Saturday - FARM machinery
▪Sunday - human labour in farmlands
▪Monday - farm housing systems
▪Tuesday - crude/simple farm tools
▪Wednesday - Animal labour in farmlands

SteemChurch Farm ( @FARMS)


I just made a good post @farms :

I would really love to continue to be a part of this. Please, check it out.

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The major backbone of the nation is farming, I feel happy where farming are given much attention. Esp. in my country where planting for food is introduced

Farming here , food here. Isn't that great..?@oppongk

I learnt farming cause of mum.... She was always dragging me to the small farm behind the house to weed, plant or to harvest. No doubt about this, farming is the main deal.

Awww😍 mum gonna be soo proud of you. >

Farming is the main deal.

That's it @promzyelisha

Undeniable, she will
Yours too.

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Congrats on deciding to start yourself a small crop and having the drive to put in the time and work to get it done.

Such a great feeling :)

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I am a balcony farmer, but if I had land I would be able to plant bigger things.

Yea , having bigger land actually gonna give you the chance to include more and more things. Yet, we should do our best in every task we find ourselves by not limiting ourselves.
Thanks for your contribution @stadex.

I have spring onions, thymians, sive, tomatos and kale. They are all easy except tomatos. Tomatos seem to need more care. I had salad as well but I need to replant that. They need lots of water in the hot sun but with the right type you can leave them for months and pick leaves and they regrow.