DCF/CPS Kidnaps Kids. Be Aware of Their Dirty tricks....My story

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please resteem this post. The more people it reaches the more families that have a chance to avoid situations like mine and so many others.

We don't have CPS here in Florida. We have a similar bloated bureaucratic cesspool called DCF. DCF standing for Department of Children and Families. I have plenty of experience dealing with local type law enforcement agencies but, this was my first time dealing with this type of state agency. I am writing this so people can learn from my experience and arm themselves with knowledge and know their dirty tricks to look for if they ever find themselves in a similar situation. Remember, they don't call it an agency for a reason, agency sounds cold and invasive so they say "department" or "services"but, it is an agency run by agents just like any other law enforcement agency, it is a family law agency though, not a criminal law agency. You must remember that all your constitutional rights apply and you need to use them just like you were being accused of murder. Don't let them in the house and lawyer up immediately.


Before i get in to my story let me bring up one point that some might be hip to but, everyone NEEDS to know. I can only speak from my experience and what i have seen happen and how it is here in south FL. DCF is used as a retaliatory device by people that are mad at someone else but dont want to face them. DCF is inundated with anonymous calls being made by angry ex lovers, jealous friends, angry co workers and any type of mean vindictive cowardly person. A lot of times the root cause of the call has nothing to do with children in danger but is really due to stingy drug users and love triangles. DCF must investigate every call that comes in even though the witness never has to be identified. Just another way for them to guarantee they have plenty of useless work.

My experience started with a knock on the door one afternoon after my daughter, my ex wife and I returned home from running errands. I opened the door to a young woman holding a clipboard and a female sheriffs deputy . She told me her name was Jessica and she was an investigator from DCF. She was sent to investigate an anonymous call that said I was driving aggressive and erratic and putting my daughter in extreme danger. I asked if they had any evidence of this like video tape or a formal complaint. I was curious as to why someone wouldnt call the police first if that was the situation. She said the fact that there was no traffic citation, police report, or even call to the police was no concern to her and she was here to investigate the call they got not the one the police didn't get. I told her that as an investigator, she needs to investigate why there was only one complaint and it was to DCF and not the cops if I was driving like a damn maniac all over town pissing other drivers off everywhere. Not to mention that the back windows on my truck are well tinted and there would be no way anyone could ever see my daughter in her car seat to know that she was in there in the first place. I guess questioning this young investigators methods and skills offended her and we got off on the wrong foot from the get go but still, none of my common sense questions were taken seriously. This was obviously a vendetta that someone had and was using DCF to carry out .


The investigator asked a few questions and then busted out the urine test cups. Their favorite tool. I wasnt worried about the piss test because i knew all that was in my system was what i had a prescription for. It was the same with my ex wife. I took the cup, which was a 16 panel test . I went to the bathroom, left the door open and filled the cup then gave it to Jessica the investigator. My ex wife was walking in to the bathroom as I was walking out to do her thing too. It took her all of 45 seconds and then she came out with her cup and put it on the table next to mine. The investigator looked at them and said we both tested positive for everything. I could not believe what I was hearing. Then it donned on me why the deputy was there. DCF only brings a deputy if they feel threatened, and if they intend to remove the child. This bitch had every intention of taking my daughter no matter what her pink panther investigation turned up. In order for them to not take my daughter to foster placement my mom had to come from three hours away and get her. My mom had to get a last minute hotel room because her and my daughter along with my ex wife and I had to be in court the very next morning. this all started at about 7pm by the way.

That is the second set up. taking someones kid at 9pm knowing that they will have court the next morning is absolute horse shit. They know damn well that even if someone has an attorney on retainer beforehand, the chance of that attorney being free and not already being scheduled for something else is the longest of long shots. This is all by design. Court appointed lawyer flunkies for everyone. If an attorney can prove that there is no probable cause at this hearing then there is no case. They set it up so nobody has a good enough lawyer to do that, which guarantees that every case gets found with probable cause and turns in to a minimum year long case with all kinds of referrals to other government funded groups, agencies, doctors and other government "services" expanding the ever growing spider web of bureaucracy.


I called my lawyer the night my daughter was removed and of course he was scheduled somewhere else and couldn't make it on short notice. He did however advise me that before court, I should go to an accredited lab and pay for a real drug test and bring the results to court with me. I went to the place that the County jail uses to run all their substance abuse classes and the court uses to refer people to for all kinds of other classes also. I thought that detail would make a difference. The investigator had thrown the used tests in my trash that night, oddly enough they now read negative for everything except prescriptions. My lawyer advised me to bring these in as evidence also. It was an hour before court when i got the idea to look up the instructions for that specific drug test and have them ready on my phone.


It was now time for court. I wasnt happy about having a court appointed lawyer but I was confident that when the Judge was shown all the evidence this would be over right then and there. My Ex and I had different lawyers to eliminate conflict of interest. The defense explained everything that happened, showed the result of the recently taken drug tests results that were less than 24 hours after the ones we both supposedly failed for everything. The DCF attorney actually objected to this evidence, The reason he gave was that he believed i forged these lab results and they were fake. I informed my attorney that the place would have a receipt for the test and for the payment for it. My attorney stated those facts to the court and the DCF guy withdrew his objection.Our lawyers then showed the court the actual cups from the night before tests and pointed out how they now had different results. This caused the DCF attorney to object again because the chain of custody was broken. This one stuck. The best part was my lawyers questioning of the investigator. He asked about her training in administering field urine tests. she was never formally trained. He then asked her specifically about the proper wait time for results to appear for the type of test cup used. she said 1 to three minutes. My attorney asked if she would be surprised to learn that the manufacturer says give seven minutes for all results to show. She pretty much played stupid and looked stupid. With all that ,the judge still found probable cause to continue the case and my daughter was removed from her mom and I and had to go to my moms until reunification was granted. I was floored. I couldn't believe the railroading i just received. I never mistreated my lil girl. Im not rich but, she never wanted for anything, not clothes not food not toys not attention or affection. My daughter has always come first and then some cowardice shitheel with a grudge makes an illegitimate anonymous call and the libtard infested government uses that to take my kid with no other history of any problems. Now Im pissed

We were soon informed by DCF that they would be handing our case over to Lutheran Services for case management. Me being me I wanted to get started on all the useless bullshit they were going to push on us. I was told i had to wait for the referrals before i could start any of it. It took over Four weeks for them to complete the referrals. I was referred to a substance abuse assessment, a mental health assessment, anger management classes, parenting classes and random supervised drug screens. All That for a traffic incident. But it doesnt matter if its a traffic incident or child abuse. They have a template that they use for everyone. My substance abuse assessment was a total farce. I have not had a drink in over ten years. I am still work an active AA program. I have been on Methadone for four years and do weekly counciling sessions and monthly urine screens. I am also active in NA too. I showed undeniable proof of all this. When the psychologist said i needed sixteen weeks of substance abuse classes I immediately called BULLSHiT. I asked him how many people have ever come through his door that didnt need classes. He could tell i knew the game. He was straight up with me and said "If I tell someone that they are here unjustly and dont need classes or treatment I will lose my job and that person will be forced to come back for a new assessment that will be done by someone who will see the need for classes for them" They are creating a need for themselves. This could easily be eliminated by having assessments done by unconnected third parties that dont have a dog in the fight. that would make too much sense though and it wouldnt let the bureaucracy fatten and swell to sickening sizes.


The twelve weeks of parenting classes i was forced into were an absolute joke. But it was like a saturday night live joke and just wasnt funny. The parenting class teacher didnt even have custody of her own kid. I thought that was awesome until i found out that the teacher my ex had was a homosexual man that had a pet dog. Yes folks, in Obamas leftist socialist utopia people with no experience doing something can "teach" others that actually do thing for real every day. That should be enough evidence to show everyone that they arent trying to accomplish anything except fill spots in classes to create a need for the class. All we did in these classes was compare notes on how fucked up and shitty we were treated by the people holding our kids hostage from us. That essentially what is happening, our government is kidnapping our kids and holding them hostage until we pay the ransom. The ransom is a seat to be paid for and filled in a predetermined type and number of classes and sessions doing this and that and never really accomplishing anything other than to raise a statistic in order to grow a budget.


This went on for over five months before we could get unsupervised visits with our own daughter. It was over six months before we were reunified with our daughter. I can not forget to mention that this whole time my daughter couldnt understand why she couldnt come home. I called her every night and made the three hour drive every friday after work to spend every weekend with her and drive three hours home on sunday. I did all that because i love my daughter and wanted her to know it and not think she did anything wrong to bring this on. The whole thing still severely affected her psychologically though. She came home a different kid than she left. She was angry, defiant, depressed and stressed. All the things that a four year old should not be. She has been home for five months now and is finally returning to her old self and we have an amazing relationship once again but it took a lot of hard work to undo what they did by taking her away from her parents that love her unconditionally. I thank God everyday still, that she went to her Grandparents instead of foster placement. I know she would have been a lot more ruined if she wasnt with loving family. I feel so deeply for all the kids that dont have that optoin and the parents that are forced to deal with their kids being given to strangers to raise while the government extorts them for their time and money.


My case was finally closed today Dec 14,2017 over 16 months after the initial knock on the door by the "investigator". There are a lot of other little stories and details i could tell you all about but I think this post gets the point across about why i feel the way i do about these intruding, overreaching and overbearing government agencies or "services". I get mad when i look back at putting my life on the line for this country multiple times while overseas in the Marine Corps as a combat veteran and this is how i get treated by the government and country I fought for.

Please check out https://steemit.com/life/@stay-in-the-gray/vetsconnect-my-story-vol-1-why-i-joined

That link is vol 1 of my story in regards to my military service. I am trying to do a volume a weekend.

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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes.

Funds are being raised so that in the future we can help families fight the system and stay together. Your UPVOTE of this comment will support this cause.

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Oh my gosh! How horribly unjust!
Each time I hear another story like this it upsets me more and more.
These people are monsters intent on destroying families.

I was just talking today to my friend who is staying with me and has gone through hell with them herself, about how this can all be stopped some day.
What occurred to me is that it is largely the media's fault, because they will NOT let the public know any of these horror stories. They stay silent and support the narrative that these organizations are beneficial to children.
I am hoping and praying that the mainstream media will be soon discovered for the farce that they are, and will be dismantled as we know them very soon.
But in the meantime ... we must all get these atrocious stories of destruction out in the alternative media ... for the world to see and believe and FINALLY the masses can start protesting against these terrorist organizations and publicly shame them.

Steemit is one step in the right direction.


Thank you for supporting my post canadian coconut . You make some great points anout the media being complicit in all of this and everything else the big government pushes. I personally believe project mockingbird was never ended and since the 50s the governments strangle hold over the media has gotten so much tighter but the hold is controlled by the deep state democrats and partisan party hacks that care more about the party agenda than the benefit of the country. Such a sad state of affairs

Thank you for sharing this, what only can described as another horror story at the hands of state run child snatching agencies.

You have come to the right place to share your story, speaking from personal experiences.

I hope that from gathering all these stories in one place, on the Blockchain, we can really start to get a clearer picture of what's really going on.

Thank you for joining the @familyprotection community and I hope that sharing your story with us has helped you in some way.


I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read my post and comment MarkWhittman. I thank you for your support. I dont believe in coincidences. I found the @familyprotection community by chance through someone i folow. It just so happened that my introduction to the community was about two hours after i got home from court. Yes it was family court. It was a happy day though, after sixteen months of fighting them my case was finally closed and those assholes are finally out of our lives. Finding a place to vent about the way we were treated and what happened gives me hope that other people can educate themselves from stories like mine an d prepare themselves for and interaction with the state kidnap squads. Im very proud of the revenue this post generated also, it is my highest paying article, i consider it restitution for my pain and suffering. God bless friend

It is not a coincidence that you found our #familyprotection community 2 hours after getting home from your final court date. These types of 'coincidences' keep happening in many of our lives -- and I feel that it is all part of a divine plan that is much greater than us. This evil system is going to crumble -- and we are all a part of that.
I am SO happy that they are finally out of your life!

I for one do not believe in "coincidences" at all so that pretty much leaves us with a divine plan through universal syncronycity for me. We truly are in the days of good vs evil and the problem is far removed and above the simple politics of parties they would like to keep the narrative on. Those of us here see the bigger picture as I can see through out the comment thread here.

The reason "they" have been able to manipulate the system is "they" had a plan. This is something we must address at some point..... a plan. I'm excited to hear news that soon Steemians may have access to "communities", I am hoping the model they come up with can and will allow those interested in this most important topic to create more of a work team model. I see it happening already here @familyprotection but it is cumbersome at times to collect the needed info. Imho I think a community or work group model will be a welcome resource. With that said we do what we do with what we have.

For the time being I am going to simply drop this link here and hope that we can review it with an open mind (keeping politics at bay as best we can) because for whatever reason this guy is in this position with these statements gives me hope that we can use some of it as a base/foundation from which to spring forth into action of some kind. I am hoping to get a post up with this link as well.

With that said, please know, I am in a slow mode here. My old faithful laptop is dying on me, have one on the screen I hope to get ordered tonight. I should be up and running full STEEM ahead by the end of the week. If @canadian-coconut @markwhittam and @stay-in-the-gray wouldn't mind reviewing that link above I'd love to have a dialogue on it somewhere in the near future. I don't want to overstep or take away from the great comments on this thread.

so sorry to hear your story. I was taken from my parents when I was 13 and never went back home. I aged out of the foster care system. And it was all because a teacher called HRS about some bruises that were not even bruises. Yes I am in Florida and their DCF is no different yet maybe worse than they were when I was a kid. And yes you are right it is mass money to care for these kids. If they put them in a foster home, that home gets roughly $500 a month the state gets more. Than if they are adopted the state gets $10K and the foster family gets $10K in tax subsidies. And still gets almost $500 a month until the kid is 18. Not to mention Medical costs and school costs.

This is awful. I am so so sorry that they ripped you away from your family like that over nothing.

It would be wonderful if you took the time to tell your own story and tag it #familyprotection so that we can find it, vote and resteem it.

These stories need to be heard and documented. Thank-you so much for your comment.

I will work on that. I am 39 now and I still get emotional talking about it.

As I'm reading this I'm right there with you, it is truly infuriating the way they do everything they can do to make you feel powerless, and terrifying that they have the ability to steal a child from someone simply because they decide to.
I have a friend in Florida who also went through a horrible ordeal. She and her husband have five girls- I can't tell you how many people judge them for that alone, for having 'too many children'. They really wanted a boy, so instead of stopping at the three children they initially intended to have, they tried twice more, that's all there is to that, it wasn't 'irresponsibility' on their part as has been claimed.
Anyway, having five children does take a bit of finance which means they were both working full time when the kids were young (I'll mention here that they did not use any services from the government such as welfare). They had found what had seemed to be the perfect babysitter living right next door and all was going well...until they found out that the babysitter's boyfriend had touched there two older daughters, twelve and thirteen at the time, and naturally called the authorities.
Instead of being treated as the victims in the situation they were immediately treated as if they were at fault. They didn't understand their rights at the time and were intimidated into letting the DCF into their home-- which was a bit messy considering their work schedule and five children. And that was all it took, a messy house, and suddenly they were in a nightmare.
Fortunately their parents lived in the area and were able to take custody of the children as the battle ensued, on that took six months to resolve. This is obviously making a long story short, but needless to say, they still have nightmares at what might have happened if not for having supportive family.

I'm sorry that happened to you, it truly is a corrupt system we have.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support Dreemit. I can obviously feel for your friend and empathize. Not to diminish their suffering and how much they were wronged but, a six month resolve time is actually extremely good for Florida. The average minimum is twice that being one year. I got my daughter back after about five months but the case lasted sixteen months overall. It really is a corrupt system but on top of that its broken and defective too. I want to spread the word for parents to be prepared to deal with CPS/DCF at any time. I want parents to be informed of their rights and the dirty grimy tricks and tactics that the employees of those agencies use to get you under their thumb. Thank you again Dreemit and God bless

My God...I am so sorry that you went through this, this is just appalling, I'm in angry tears...your poor daughter!! I can't believe these F*ckers!!!!!

Thank you beyond words for not only reading and commenting but, thank you for caring Lyndsaybowes. You are right. My poor daughter. The one they say they are looking out for was hurt more than anyone by this.
I thank God everyday that she was able to stay with her Grammy and Papa, my mom and dad, that absolutely adore her. Even though she was with family, this whole unnecessary ordeal left a noticable impact on my daughters psyche and behavior. She is getting better with time and I can not imagine how things would have turned out if she had to stay with foster people. I thank my parents everyday for being there to take her too.Im just so relieved its over and i want to help others avoid going through what we did. God bless you and yours Lyndsay.

Thank you @stay-in-the-gray for sharing and many blessings to you, your family and special hugs to your little girl. Unfortunately this happens all too often as you know.

I once had a volunteer that came in to help at a thrift store I was managing. She came in quite regular, was pleasant and loved her 3 kids dearly. It took weeks before we heard what she had been and was still going through. She was too afraid to tell anyone because she felt people would think less of her or that she was a bad mother. (which she was not a bad mom at all)

CPS had taken her children at the request basically from her ex-in-laws that were trying to settle a score. She had been jumping through the hoops and following their "orders". When she finally opened up to us at the store CPS was in the process of returning the children and we were all excited, relieved and happy for her.

The next week however with an unannounced home visit early in the morning while trying to get 2 of her children off to school the "CPS enforcer" noticed that she had cooked the kids' oatmeal in a cast iron skillet. (who would have thought that should be any area of concern) but alas, it opened up a whole can of worms and threats were to take her children again.

Very thankful she had opened up to us and we were now "in the know" and armed with many copies of the benefits of cooking with cast iron and new friends in tow it settled them down and they backed off.

My point being is that many parents are afraid to come forward and let others know. This is also a fear put into them by the powers that should not be. We may have a tough road ahead of us, but as Margaret Mead said: It only takes a small group of committed people to change the world. (something close to that anyway)

Thank you @stay-in-the-gray for coming forward and sharing. Have resteemed of course.

Damn. Dude. I am so sorry to hear this. I'm glad individuals like yourself are really starting to get the word out about these insane kidnappings by the state, here on Steem. Thanks for being brave, and setting an example for others in how strong and composed you seem to have stayed for your daughter. Upvoted at 100 and resteemed.

I can put my story out there but without the support of people like yourself it wont make that much of a difference. Thank you for your kind words. Your upvote and especially your resteem are what really make the difference in getting these type of stories out to everyone. Thank you very much for your support kafkanarchy.

What in da world?

These type of stories portrays the condition of law in our societies.
Due course of law usually become the reason of denied justice
The point to be noted here is that this story is being narrated by country service man not a normal civilian which i personally think is: no one is above law but atleast they deserve some respect for their services.

Thanks for the support uxair. I dont expect special treatment because of my veteran status. I just ask for a certain level of respect. Im this case my veteran status was kind of used against me. At one point they tried saying i was dangerous to my daughter because of my PTSD and other combat related issues. Before she was born I attempted suicide because i wasn't getting help dealing with it and they threw that in my face. No respect what so ever

Thank you for sharing your experience. I can only imagine how much of a heartache this has been for you and your family. I hate to see any family torn apart and I know that CPS has no one's best interests at heart accept for the court system and state. I think it probably takes the biggest toll on the children involved, because they don't understand what's going on and may suffer from the unexpected separation and feeling that perhaps they did something wrong. It is sad that people will do vindictive things to get back at others such as calling CPS because they are upset, rather than sorting things out as rational, critical thinking adults should. I hope things get better for you and your family. I am upvoting and resteeming this post in order to raise much needed awareness.

You hit the nail on the head nexusvortex. As much as it tortured my ex wife and I, my daughter was much more fundamentally affected. It was obvious to anyone that knows my daughter that it took a severe psychological toll on her that will last for who knows how long. A noticeable thing was that after she was removed from our home she started picking at her face as a nervous habit. A four year old lil princess should not be stressed out over thinking about what she did to cause this and why she cant come home with us after our weekend visit every week. She is home now and the case is finally closed. She is getting better every day but still worries. She is afraid to go to her grandparents because she thinks she will have to stay there again. so it affected that relationship too. The last thing i want is for her to have long lasting issues from this and have it affect her adult life too. I will do everything i possibly can to avoid that very possible possibility.

I am sure it was traumatizing to say the least. I am concerned that not enough people are aware the damages done by the state and government agencies such as CPS. I find it appalling that many people do not understand the importance of ensuring the mental well being of our families especially when it is known that much more abusive acts have occurred in foster care, more often than not from the research I performed a couple of years ago. I found many stories of children being abused in these homes by the ones that were supposed to be care givers, abusive more horrific than what the parents were accused of by the court system. I hope that things work out for the best for your family and especially for your daughter. I hate to hear any family enduring troubled times.

Jeeze!, my sympathy to you, there is no way in the world that you deserved that unjust treatment. It is a matter of time they will come crumbling down. Thanks for voicing out your story for the world to find and hear.

Thank you for the kind words and support Kryptocoin. My family and I we're treated very unfairly and unjust. What is done is done and I now have full custody of my daughter again. What I want is for everyone else out there to learn from my experience and others like mine and have the tools and weapons to use to defend themselves against the people and agencies like these. I suggest to every parent that you go and speak to a family law attorney and find a good one so if it ever does happen you know who to call right away. After my case was closed I gave my attorney a $1,000 retainer so he will be there at the drop of a hat if anything ever happens again. if not I will collect that money back in a few years. I understand. Everybody wants to or can give an attorney $1,000 for something that hasn't happened and might not happen but at least talk to a few and find the one that you want to represent you in case something does happen. God bless you all

What a horrible experience this must have been for you. I'm also amazed that someone would vindictively sick the authorities on you for a traffic incident. The law is the violence of the self absorbed narcissistic majority more often than not. Thank you for sharing your post with the Steemit community and being so open about it all with others in hopes of helping them learn and be prepared against these violations of family and freedom. Best of luck with the friend of Bill steps as well. I have quite a few friends who really apply the steps and their some of the best human beings I know simply due to working the program. If not for it then we would have lost them long ago. Thank you so much for your post and sending positive vibes from the UK. Many blessings and steem on.

Thank you sincerely for the support and positive vibes Mudcat. Let me clear up this point for you though. The authorities were not put on us because of a traffic incident. A traffic incident story was fabricated by someone that my ex was friends with. My ex has a lot of medical issues and gets some very sought after pharmaceuticals . One of her "friends" got mad at her when my ex wouldnt give her a bunch of her medicines. This junky former friend of my ex's decided to get back at my ex by calling DCF and making up the traffic story. This bitch obviously didnt care if anyone else besides the intended person was affected by this. My daughter and I had nothing to do with this spat and we paid dearly because of it. DCF knows exactly what happened and followed through with it anyway because that is how they justify their existence. Thanks again mudcat. God bless you and yours

Wow! I live in South Florida. What complete bullshit. This is what guns and war are for. No one should be able to touch your child especially over some ridiculous unjust spoof. These systems are so out of control and run by force. Thanks for the tips and hopefully will never have to deal with that fiasco. You seemed very on top of everything and congratulations on it being over.

Your support is greatly appreciated weirdheadaches. My daughter was placed with my parents in Pasco county at the start of all this. All the Pasco county DCF and sheriffs deputies that had to visit my parents house to check on my daughter told my parents that Lee County was the worst county that they deal with. They have a horrible reputation for things like this and worse. They play by their own rules that they make up as they go along . Now that the shackles have been removed it is time for me to get my daughter out of this overbearing unconstitutional county. God bless ya weirdheadaches

Bye bye Lee county! Blessings

Thats the plan, as soon as possible !!

Every time I read a story like yours I have trouble understanding how is it possible to take a child away from his parents based on some bullshit unproven charge. A child, a four-years-old like yours, cannot understand what is happening. How can they do such a thing to a child?
On the other hand, I've had a personal experience with child protecion showing up at my door, following an 'anonymous' complaint from my downstairs neighbor who has a grudge against us being 'noisy'. Since she hasn't managed to convince the police about that, she came up with this scheme, saying I don't have the means to support my child! Fortunately, child protection here doesn't operate like in the US and I tried my best to explain the situation. I must admit I was so pissed I could hardly contain myself, but anyway I was proud of myself for using a piece of advice I got from a post in @familyprotection - don't let them in. They were not pleased. I refused to submit to an investigation regarding our financial situation saying it was completely unwarranted, which is something I guess you could not do in the US.
I do hope they won't be coming back because if they start digging they're bound to find out about the youngest being homeschooled, which is not neither legal, nor illegal, but could prove quite a headache to explain.
Hope you'll have a wonderful Christmas with your daughter and get over this nightmare!

Thank you @ladyrebecca. I know your time is valuable. The fact that you spent it to read my post and comment means a great deal to me and is deeply and sincerely appreciated. You mentioned that you aren't in the U.S.. It is fine if you dont want to disclose your location but, I am curious as to what country you are in. Here in the U.S. DCF or CPS are not a federal agencies, they are state agencies. What that means is that none are the same and they each have their own set of laws and guidelines that they go by. What is okay in one state is not in another. Here in Florida DCF has a policy of investigating every complaint they get. On the surface this sounds like a noble idea. It is not. They are fully aware that a vast percentage of calls are anonymous. They also know that an overwhelming majority of these anonymous calls are strictly vindictive. Most are either relationship or jealousy related and have nothing to do with a concern for the children. The reason DCF/CPS loves these types of calls is because they use them to justify their bloated existence. They dont distinguish these B.S. calls from real ones in the statistics that they use to lobby the government for a bigger budget. They say they need more money to hire more investigators and case workers because they are inundated with calls and cases. What they dont say is that most of those calls are just retaliatory bullshit that are unfounded and in turn lead to cases that are bullshit and unfounded. so what looks to be a severe need for DCF/CPS to exist and get bigger is just manufactured and they should really be downsized. Things like this are the fundamental differences between liberal democrat government policies and conservative government ideas. The liberals use corrupt agencies like DCF as an excuse to expand government and increase taxes to pay for it. They then give those new jobs to people with no qualifications but are dedicated party hacks creating the obama deep state that we have now. Obama was not the first to do this. He just managed to take it to a whole new level and perfect it. He did it with the CIA, FBI ,DoJ , the courts and all kinds of other alphabet gang agencies. We are now trying to undo eight years of that and the country can finally see how severe the problems caused by this are. I apologize for getting way off track.
I hope that you take this opportunity to research any rights your country provides and find a really good attorney before they decide to come back. Please do not get complacent and just assume that they wont.

Wow, I am tearing up.

They have caused your daughter trauma. And I know how trauma can cause PTSD/CPTSD. I live with it every day. If you were in the military, I am assuming you have experienced trauma as well. No child should have to live trauma. This is so upsetting to read. They claim to do legal things, but what they did is clearly IMMORAL.

Here we have La DPJ. I forget what the letters stand for, but it's Quebec's equivalent. They have done good when children were being abused, but they have also done corrupt things. My biggest fear is to be accused of being unfit as a (step)mother due to my illness and having a child taken from me.

I hope you will be able to find the healing you need and that your daughter will too.

We're waiting for something similar to happen one day as our 6 year old daughter hasn't been immunized for everything they demand ad hoc as they go. We were stripped of our family tax rebates years ago to the tune of about 7k AUD and have to keep signing special forms because we had an issue with just two of the number of mandatory vaccines at the time. One of them being chicken pox. The other being MMR, which we tried to get done individually with time between, but nobody wanted to help us or make an exception. Huge runaround and a "do it or else!" threat despite sympathetic doctors making the effort to help us and being told to stuff off themselves by our health care system and hospitals.

We expect to get a knock on the door one day or at least a really threatening letter saying we're delinquent parents or worse. Keep your chin up.

Whose business is it to know or not know whether or not a your child has been vaccinated? No one will know these things about my kids when I have them, except for me and my husband. We will make decisions together. I suppose people talk and if someone just doesn't like you, then they complain about you.

I hope it won't happen again, that you get that knock on the door. Hopefully the worst is over.

  ·  5 years ago Reveal Comment

That's terrible. They should not have the power to decide what people must or must not intake, ingest, or inject into their bodies. Your body, your decision. As a parent, your right to choose for your child.

Thank you for caring and supporting binkyprod. I did not put it in the main post but it is in a comment that i do suffer from PTSD that i have from being in combat while fighting for my country. The same country that did this to me and my family. The absolute most infuriating thing to me was when they actually had the audacity to try and use my PTSD against me and say that it made me dangerous and unfit to parent. What they were really doing was laying foundation to refer me to more groups, classes, counseling and any other government funded type of bullshit that could benefit from it and add another bogus statistic to their numbers to try and justify their self serving existence. Thats how they work. Please be proactive binkyprod. Use this time wisely to research and inform yourself of your rights as a person and a parent. I wish i could be more helpful but, I know nothing of Canadian family law or Canadian citizens rights. I would recommend that you find the best local family law attorney and introduce yourself. Consider giving a small retainer in case anything ever happens, then he will be there for you. Dont forget that they use court process against you. The day after they take your child (which is usually done late in the day or at night) you have a court hearing. They do this because they know that it is virtually impossible to get private representation with twelve hours notice and you will be forced to use court appointed representation that will pretty much just go along with whatever the court wants. Avoid this by doing the leg work now.

I thank you for your kind words and i wish you the best also. I will pray for your recovery from mentioned illness. God bless you and yours binkyprod

Thank you! I'll keep all this in mind for when I am ready to have a child. We've already begun other types of preparations. I know that each province has their set of laws that are different from other provinces. I will research as you suggest. I already have a consulted a lawyer about other things, so either he'll be able to advise me to refer me to someone who'll be able to advise me.

And I'll pray for your recovery too :) Blessed be!

Wow that is horrifying..

America, land of the free...

This is just beyond appalling. It's heart wrenching to think how many families this injustice has happened to. Thanks for sharing your story to help others.

Thank you for reading my story and supporting the @familyprotection community Kiwideb. It is going to take all of us and more to make things change but we must start somewhere. God bless Deb of the Kiwi

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Emonaim1, thank you for taking the time to read my post and comment.Resteems are always welcome too. the goal that we are shooting for is 2 spread as much awareness as possible and educate as many families as we can about what these agencies do and the tactics that they use to accomplish it. If I can help one loving family avoid the system or beat the system then I have made a difference, we have all made a difference. God bless

Amen. Will spread the word and even share to social medias!

Thank you Chelseajo. The mainstream media is so compromised its beyond laughable. This type of information will only be spread person to person. Every new person helping to spread real and true information is another gun in the fight leading to eventual victory. You support is vital and greatly appreciated @chelseajo. God bless.

You've got it! Ill go to battle with you brother!

Less gov telling us what we can do. I hate this. Society is falling apart and we need to stand up. The norm is brainwashing people everyday. Sex, drugs, stealing all this is being normaland force feed to the people, esp kids. What can we do. Plus north korea can control the weather i hear. Check it out here.https://steemit.com/video/@johnbcheffin12/north-korea-can-change-the-weather

We do need to stand up John, This degradation of our society is by design and started a long time ago. It is basically an extension of the "divide and conquer" principal. The breakdown of the family unit is on the top of the list . Check out a book titled "Behold a Pale Horse" written by former intelligence officer William "Bill" Cooper. He was murdered for passing on the knowledge in his books. He gave us the game plan of the people trying to destroy our nation. We didnt get to this point in a day so it will take time to get back to where we should be. We can not give up. If Hillary won, Id say we have no hope. She didnt, now all that corruption is in the spotlight which will hopefully bring change too. Keep the faith brother and keep on Steemin on

I agree with that. I do know the book. Hiding in plain site is the best place to keep a secret.
Thanks for ur service. My dad is a proud MC vet. Vietnam vet. End of 1964 to the beginning of 1966. You guys deserve a lot more. I grew up 20 mins from Pendelaton, knew a lot of good guys. Got my vest from nevermind. Thanks again for your service and responding.

My dad was in Nam in 69, a coast guard PBR attached to a Corps unit by the DMZ in I corps. I was stationed at Camp Horno on Pendelton. Twenty min from there is either like Oceanside on the south or Carlsbad on the north if i remember correctly. I spent most of my time there not there. We were either on deployment or training for deploymet at 29 palms or somewhere like that. For my service you are welcome, and i make it a point to reply to every comment i get. I am trying to grow my steemit account and my followers. If someone takes the time to read my content and comment, i figure i owe them a reply. I believe interaction is one of the best ways to gain quality support. and i thank you for your time and support John. You and your dad have my respect, God bless

I grew up in rancho bernardo poway area, a little more inland. 30 mins maybe. My dad carried the radio on his back but was lucky enough to get on with an officer, were they were underground for like 4 of the last 5 months he was there. I hope you get what you want my friend. i am a chef so if you make to sacramento its on me.

The average person doesnt understand the importance of the communication that the radio provides. Like a Corpsman or medic with the red cross emblem or a machine gunner, the comm guys radio makes him a high value target for the enemy.
I hope to take you up on that meal one day, just no seafood please. God bless brougham

awesome .. i upvoted and followed you ...plz you do the same..

Unfortunately, the freedom guaranteed by the Constitution is not respected in the most democratic country in the world. Sorry.
Simple man is a small insect.
The state machine can easily crush it.

@stay-in-the-gray before kidnapping risk also rise in the Philippines. As Abusayyaf group spread their terror.. Thanks God because of the new president everything has fixed.

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Right your nice post

We need such posts for the awareness of society. Great post!!

Following you. I am new on Steemit. Please do follow me back so we can stay in touch on steemit. Here's my introductory post. Please give it a thumbs up!


Thank you Ana. I returned the favor and read your introduction post and gave an upvote and follow. I see your description says non political so just ignore the occasional political rant you might see from me and itll probably make it easier to follow me. I cover all kinds of topics but mainly im trying to start a new tag called #vetsconnect. I want vets to be able to come together to help each other deal with issues like PTSD, suicide desires, hopelessness and homelessness.

I am so sorry this happened to your family. The system is broken. Fuck the system .

you didn't join the Marines to fight for our nation, you were fighting for the (((people))) who own the Federal Reserve counterfeiting operation. Now, we have got to dig our heels in and break this 2 party monopoly. The GOP is just the "release valve" for the Dem pressure cooker. It's all a WWE-style act.

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Priceless article. So good to see this kind of work on here. Education is the key :)

wow! what a read. let me start by saying i am SO SORRY that happened to your family, I cannot imagine! My husband was a Marine, 10 years in as an EOD. When we delivered my daughter back in June, it was an awful experience. We weren't supposed to be delivering in a hospital but in a birthing center, but due to complications we had to go to hospital that night ot deliver. I wanted to go all naturally and they kept pushing and pushing drugs on me telling me I needed them and trying to guilt trip me into doing it "their way". Finally after being stressed out and having a break down my husband being whom he is stood up for me and got "authoritative" about telling them to stop pestering me with drugs I don't want any and basically just stood up for everything I wanted and had in my birth plan for the last 9 months. Well the nurse did not take this lightly (who may I add was a absolute snot anyways). Fast forward to the day we get ready to leave with our new bundle of joy. a lady with a clipboard enters our room and tells my husband to leave. he refuses, she says he has to or security will show up ... he hesistatntly left but before he did he told me "you don't have to say anything to them without an attorney don't answer any questions". at this point my husband apparently knew sort of what was going on but I was oblivious. I spent the next hour sticking up for my husband because apparently the nurse who had gotten butt hurt over my husbands comments to stop trying to force drugs upon me had turned him into DCF and they were there to investigate whether me and the BABY WERE SAFE TO LEAVE... they were going to try and KEEP my baby thinking it wasn't a safe environment for her just like that, from one woman who didn't know anything about us who got butthurt over him disagreeing with her I could've walked out of the hospital empty handed. THIS IS INSANE! THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!! He fought for our country, has never had issues with the law, has been a stand up partner both pre baby , during the birth and now as a father. One woman. who we had never met. got butthurt. and was able to almost tear our brand new family apart.

Again I am SOOO sorry this happened to you. Thank god I was raised by a cop and was cool headed and knew all the right things to say to get them to go away.... I just cant even imagine someone taking my little girl away.

LETS ALL TEAM UP TO STOP future families from having to unnecessarily suffer!!


Shared on both my forms of social media kind sir. I hope the best for your family!

Tell your man I said "Semper Fi Devil". I have been looked at the same way he was looked at in the hospital many times. I actually had to threaten my daughters doctor when she was born to get her released from the hospital. He wanted to put her on a medication that would require hospital supervision , Because he had a hunch. I called him out on wanting to bill our insurance exceedingly to help pay for the new wing they just built told him that if she was going to be hospitalized, he was going to be hospitalized. It didnt go over well but she came home that day.

Like you husband i am a former Marine also. Two combat tours in the infantry. I said this in an earlier comment but ima say it again. I do suffer from PTSD as a direct result of my military service. My PTSD was actually used against me in this case. They said that it made me aggressive and angry to the point where i was a danger to my daughter and unstable. My daughter is the biggest factor in my recovery from PTSD. The reason they used all that shit against me was to lay the groundwork to send me to all the anger management, mental health, parenting, substance abuse and all the other government funded, self serving groups and whatnot so that they could add another stat to their b.s. numbers that they use to justify their existence. It is a well honed system of bureaucracy bullshit.

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter, I wish you and your new family the best. Dont be complacent. Ask your husband, complacency kills. Dont think it wont happen and not prepare. Prepare for it to happen and hope it doesnt. I tell everyone to locate a good local family law attorney. I gave mine extra money after my case closed as a retainer in case i ever need him again on a moments. It wasnt much because i had already given him plenty over the last sixteen months. I cant stress enough to just cover your ass before anything happens, if you wait it will be to late. Judging by the pics i see flashing in front of me your husband is a very lucky man. God Bless you both, and the little one.

This made me sick to my stomach, because I know it is all true. I'm bipolar and drug classes ars a prerequisite for treatment after I get out of the hospital for going manic or being depressed. Its just disgusting.

I feel for you Kingbum. I was diagnosed with PTSD and along with that comes a myriad of issues similar to what you deal with. This is another system of self serving and bloated organizations that make themselves out to be more important and helpful than they really are. They do not care as much about your mental health as they do their own survival and growth at any cost. Chin up and stay strong brother. God bless

You spend time working for the government, and they come later to take your kids..

  ·  5 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

Thank you for supporting the cause and for you time to read the post and comment Freetrog. I think you summed it up pretty damn good with just those two sentances. God bless

Have you tried going to local news with this story? I'm in sw florida and am friends w a news anchor and shed probably be all over this!

mainstream media almost always stay silent on this topic.

That's why Steemit and Alternative Media are vital to inform people.

Never know til you try. Only takes one person saying yes to spread like wildfire! Id give it a shot!? :)

You are right that we need to stay positive and not give up.

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow."

Helen Keller

So true canuck-onut. I tried a play on words there, not sure how successful it was

ha ha ... cute.
Some people have shortened my name to CaCo -- if you like that you may use it.

I do like CaCo, Thank you. I will use that from now on.

I do not doubt that you anchor friend would care about something like this Chelseajo. I know for a fact that the producers and higher ups would not let these types of stories fly. It is all political and has nothing to with caring about families being broken up and kids being ruined by it. The media is controlled by powerful people that have strong leftist liberal views. That is not my opinion that is fact, they dont even try to hide it anymore. The left wants big government. DCF is a product of big government and in turn perpetuates other government programs. The media will not be allowed to speak up against their own. If you doubt this then ask yourself why if this has been going on for years ,why haven't they been all over it yet. We must rely on ourselves and each other to affect change. The powers that be want business as usual, and their business as usual is what is destroying this country. That is why they have absolutely lost their minds over Trump. He is putting an end to their business as usual and they are at risk of losing all their ill gained power and money. Your heart is obviously in the right place chelseajo. Thank you for that. I know you said you have a friend in the media but the media is not our friend.

I'm sorry I did not mean to offend. She is a newer reporter and has done some heart felt local stories that's all I was thinking of in terms of maybe she could help. Was just trying to brain storm some ways to help get your words out there and heard. I will continue to share and help any way I can...

you didnt offend sister, I am perfectly aware that you meant well. I was just trying to open your mind to level of deep seeded corruption, collusion and cover ups we are dealing with here. I dont insult people for watching main stream media, i just try to get people to research news on their own and look for the differences in what the big guys say and more so how they say it compared to that of independent journalists that arent tied to a political party or agenda. I was not offended in any way chelsea, i am glad you are here and seeing whats really goin on.

Okay! :) i totally understand! :) :) im in your corner friend!