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It is well said that love the love of a family is a great blessing. You always enjoy spending time with the family as this is a circle where you feel free and where you have been brought up. You understand each other and are ready to sacrifice for each other. People who don't have family or have cut off from their families spend a lonely and miserable life. No one is there to take care of them when are not feeling well psychologically or physically

Family is not only limited to your parents or your sister brother cousins etc. Your friends are part of your family too. As your friend zone is the place where you feel easy, enjoy the moments and express yourself with ease. Just like the quality time you spend with your family. So in my view friends are also as precious as your family. Friends are also a good way to extend your family. Although it is hard to find sincere friends who understand you and ready to do the sacrifice for you.

I believe one must understand the importance of family and must be thankful for having it. When you grow old you start losing your friends or you can say you start to realize that the people whom you are spending time are just passing by you. You too are passing by them as you are traveling in this world. So your friends and your relative are going to leave you eventually as a result of any disagreement, death or for any other reason.

The longest relation anyone can enjoy is in the form of the family rather parents, brothers, sisters, wife, or friends.

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