Eye-neck connection part III

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Hey guys!

We're back with few more facts about our eyes, neck and connections between them.

We already know that trapezius and two weird-named muscles get tensed if we focus our sight.

But why is it happening?

The answer is simple. Recent studies show that our brain sends impulses to eyeball muscles AND neck muscles at the same time. Always. The reason for that is to provide as much stability to the head as needed. Have You wandered why we are pushing our heads forward when we're working with a computer? Stability again. More we're focusing on the job, more we're focusing our vision and more tension we get in the neck muscles. Thanks to this mechanism we are more concentrating on our task, what has been proved by another study.

It works even better in standing position although we don't need to push our heads that much! Joined stabilization from lower and upper body gives us better head stabilization and more studies confirm that people type faster in standing position and they are able to do more complex tasks.

Plus, we are saving our lumbar spine from overstrain. Upright standing position is far better than sitting. It makes us more efficient at work and doesn't mess our spine.

Ask Your friends :)

Stay healthy, guys 🙂

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