Eye-neck connection part II

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My first post was about connection between trapezius muscle and eye accommodation. You might ask, is it the only muscle which have an influence on our vision? Of course not. Another two are Splenius Capitis and Splenius Cervicis. No need to panic or event google to find those muscles. They are below well known trapezius.

Ok, so we have three muscles intertwined with vision. More eye-acommodation effort, more tension we get. And guess what...? It works both ways.

And here is the most interesting part. We can actually help our vision just by relaxing those muscles!

Of course it's not that simple, but it's worth of trying, especially if You surfer from astigmatism, because that disease is all about impaired eye accommodation capabilities. Don't be surprised if Your vision will gry better after a simple massage, focused on densed fragments of those muscles. Or maybe You can ask Your physio or massage therapist to focus on them?

One way or another You are able to improve Your life. All You need is just a bit of knowledge.

Speaking of which... Stay tuned, more free knowledge is comming tommorow :)

Stay healthy guys!

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