Vlog 460: Unity is what I am hoping for.

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Lots of events happened in a very short period of time and emotions ran high.

I had some time to reflect on all the events and it was much needed.

I do have a better understanding now why the majority of the top witnesses took the action they did.

And even though I don't agree with it, I have to accept that the majority of the stakeholders that vote for witnesses did.

Just like everyone else I am now looking forward to March 6.

My hope is that this matter is quickly cleared up and settled in the swiftest and best way possible for all parties involved.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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I totally agree with your views and I still can't confirm what the threat was that justified freezing TRON's stake. He bought Steem Inc fair and square. People should talk to Ned but it's too late. Maybe the Ned bashing came back to bite.

Freezing anybody's funds or voting rights was a desperate, childish power move that has only caused more harm than good as well as exposing DPOS (humans are faulty by design) and the foundations Steem was developed on, which in my opinion was dodgy from the start i.e. Ninja bag and promises bag.

Respect to you for coming out into the light and not hiding. Stay Strong.

I hope it can all get sorted out quickly too. I think we need to see some movement forward as opposed to moving sideways or backwards. I really want to hope that we can all coexist somehow and continue making this place great.

Same here, man.

Thanks @Exyle for this message. You are one of the bloggers on Steem i so much respect. I was aware we were all emotional during the unexpected Softfork, yet, your positions then got me scared about our safety on Steem

I do really expect unity between Steem and Tron and when this happens, we all would be happy.

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@exyle i agree with all you said sir,unity plays a very great role in everything in life and i believe unity will help the steem community alot and make the platform so great...

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Plenty of rumors, preparation was poor in my opinion. I also think the potential for both chains to work together is being heavily overlooked and instead, all the doom and gloom is being focused on.

I would also like to see a solution that benefits all parties. I'm looking forward to the 6th to learn more.

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I don't see it like the witnesses have frozen an account. Promises were made about the Steemit stake. Justin should of done his research and consulted with witnesses before buying Steemit. Ned has done the wrong thing and I'm so pleased he's out of the picture now. Hopefully they can sort out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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Hi @exyle,

First: I just bought some steem again which shows I also still have hope.

I've seen many companies taken over the last years as I working for a big IT distributor that only can grow by taking over other companies.
These companies taken over were squeezed out and vanished - always and all of them.

You hope that Justin will pump money into the steem ecosystem. He will only do that is there is a good ROI. Why else should he do it?
Because he's a nice person and wants to help? Both get a clear NO from me.

And then there will come the 6th of March ... my personal opinion on this:
As I mentioned many times before, I still believe that Justin has no idea what a rough diamond he bought. Steem inc. was sold to him with totally different arguments than the possibilities for the future of it.
So I hope the people invited to that meeting go into that meeting with this in their head and explain to him first what he actually bought.
If they go into the meeting just having in mind how to protect their our steem I'm afraid the meeting will be - again - a lot of bla-bla-bla and without REAL results.

But let's hope for the best and


Hope is gone with this announcement: https://steempeak.com/tron/@steemitblog/an-open-letter-to-the-community-hf22-5

We need a vlog today! About these news! :D

Do you have a list of other witnesses not supporting SF 22.2 ? And also, thank you for not supporting this SF and your honesty in the matter.

Ty.. forgot about this!

quochuy and holger80 have contributed significant development efforts and are currently running 22.1

Hi @exyle, how are you doing? Two days ago, I voted for your witness 'blockbrothers' with my account and proxy and I explained why I voted on it in this post:


In the post, I also discussed some things that may be worthy of further discussion in relation to the steem blockchain. Kindly take a look. Where possible, you can share your thoughts as well.

I also started a witness on steem called 'surpassinggoogle'. I announced it here. Where you decide to support it, that would be inspirational.

Is there a group for steem witnesses that is current? I will like to join. I am on discord as 'surpassinggoogle#1660'

Your boy Terry

If you had been part of the discussions/been a consensus witness, would you have proposed an alternative 'measure' or would you have proposed to not do anything?

I'm personally understanding more and more of the motivations behind the actions taken and am starting to understand and even appreciate more and more what has been done by the top witnesses, although I keep also hearing that little voice in the back of my mind telling me it wasn't up to us to tell Sun what to do with his (!) stake. It's definitely a tough one.

If you had been part of the discussions

he was.

Really? THen that reaction shouldn't have been from his end.

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I do have a better understanding now why the majority of the top witnesses took the action they did.

This made me jump (?) to the conclusion he wasn't - had to go from the text as I can't listen to the vlog right now.

Yeah that’s the problem with his narrative 🙂 he was involved in all of it and still decided to share absolutely false statements. Which is quite unfortunate

This is why we need transcripts of discussions held behind closed doors. I understand the need for secret discussions especially in this case, but ‘The People’ should be able to form their own opinions on what/who/how ‘The Elite’ discussed behind closed doors.

I understand the want for transparency and agree, as with the foundation it was made sure everything was transparent, which actually is a double edge sword.

Whether we like it or not, when it comes to security of the chain, not all information can be public.. but do agree that many of the factors and details of what was done should be made public so that these false narratives (that I think are harmful) can stop.

As far as “the elite” discussing things behind closed doors.. I’m not sure that is fair wording. Over 60 individuals, making up of most witnesses (many many back ups), stake holders, and community members started chatting in an open telegram. Meaning anyone could he invited there, and many “non elite” were invited. Once the conversation became hard to follow, a slack was created (by 2 back up witnesses) and the open link was dropped. This was not, invite only, and there was no only inviting on certain people. When the threat had become something that many felt needed to combatted, there were additional attempts to ensure ALL top witnesses were there (who had ignored the invites previously) as well as anyone who was beneficial on a code level.

So I guess my question is, who are the elites? Or are witnesses not elected to make these decisions? Should all users been invited, therefore opening up to even more of a security issue? (As coding cannot be public). Should the discussions have gone on on chain? Would that have been the correct way to ensure any threat was removed? I guess I’m just not really sure how this can be seen as something the elite did behind closed doors. In fact it’s the most I’ve ever seen a large group made of individuals from all different backgrounds and stances, work together on the one thing they can agree on - the chain needs to be protected from any potential threats. That’s the job.

None of this is a political play, even though I’m sure many individuals have their own goals.. but the goals in that room were to secure the chain, that’s it. And some of that just can’t be done on a public forum.

I’m someone who believes in open communication and quite frankly if I can complain of anything about this, I’d wish for even more communication.. but I also think most witnesses wrote their own posts to share their reasoning as well as jointly worked on the announcement post. So I agree more communication is always good, I guess I’m not sure exactly what individuals would like to hear more of, or what would truly be beneficial. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I hope that makes sense.. I’m rambling on mobile 👀

I’m not as good as you in rambling on phone, so I’ll keep it shorter, but my wish really is ‘simple’: to keep communications closed when needed, but publish them when the secrecy is not needed anymore. In an earlier event where I was able to read transcripts ‘after the fact’ myself I learned a lot about who had what intentions - That’s easier to hide/reword in a post you can think long and hard about.

I know you’re pro-communication, and appreciate that, but currently I have gotten most and most important info waaaaaaaaaaay off-chain by asking and messaging, and that’s not how I want to be informed. This whole thing therefore had been super frustrating and worrying to me and it took me a week to really feel like I was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

I appreciate that stance and agree to a point, I’ve tried to take a very back seat approach to this and therefore have answered questions when asked, but otherwise let others speak publicly. Perhaps I’ll try to push for more clarity, or last resort.. provide it myself.

Thanks and I hope you’re well.

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Thanks for the reply - It was a tough one for all involved. It wasn’t my preferred route either but then I learned (amongst others) how Sun reacted on attempts of communication and started seeing how waiting wasn’t really an option anymore. I’m hoping for a quick resolution and March 6th to be filled with decisiveness and not empty talks especialle from the Tron/Sun team towards us.

Hello there! What happened to you? I missed seeing your vlogs already. Hope you'll be back and inviting you to join us on appics.

Gracias amigo por su gran apoyo que dios se lo multiplique en salud y éxitos


great sir

I'm grateful to be here with you in this community, and I hope we'll always be helpful.
And we support each other with love and appreciation.

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been a while!

Buenas noches @exilio. Muchas gracias por su apoyo amigo .

Greetings from #venezuela, friend @exyle! Won't you create the app for Android? Anticipated thanks!

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I understand if you don't agree and sorry for writing directly. But I didn't find another way. I hope you have a good day.

Hi. Hope all is well with you. I see you vote for @huaren.news and his various alt accounts. Well I wouldn't, but you can do whatever you like.

Thanks for the votes on Hive. Hope to see you active there some time, but I know there were some issues with the community. We cannot afford to lose good people.

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