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As some of you may know already, I've been trying lately to reach out to few developers creating their dapps, games or other useful tools on both STEEM and HIVE blockchain. My goal is to build some partnerships with coders and developers behind those projects, hoping that we can find ways of collaborating and helping each other.

For past several days I had pleasure to discuss my vision with @elindos - very kind and polite programmer behind eXode Game.

I took an opportunity and explained what Project.hope is about and I've shared with him some basic informations about our community, our goals and vision. Today, I've managed to encourage him to publish his first article within PH and my goal would be simple: to encourage you all, to invest several minutes of your time and do few things as follow:

  1. visit @elindos and follow his account
  2. consider subscribing to EXODE Pilots community

And most of all:

  1. Check out his latest post, read it through and share your feedback. Assuming you have any -> after all, 1 sentence comment like "It looks like solid game" doesn't really have much value :)

You can find link to his publication here:


I can only hope, that our community can help bring more value into HIVE blockchain. And I want us to achieve it by helping solid developers by promoting their products.

I would naturally also appreciate every resteem of his publications (do not resteem this post by @coach.piotr).


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