World Cup

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history the oldest goalscorer in the World Cup which holds the citizenship before the age of 42-year-old Roger Cameroon in the 1994 World Cup, the Russian team was scored.

  • the first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930 and won two trophies in addition to an event host.

Throughout the history of World Top Goalscorer Match 2 teams scored more than 12 goals in exactly strike for Australia 7 - 5 goals in Switzerland's match record.

Throughout the history of the World Cup, In the event of a fall, losing up to a maximum 21 draw has to do with the Italian team.

  • 2018 World Cup, but all the contestants will be competing in 32 teams In 2026 contestants increased to 48 teams teams will be attached. This has been known about the World Cup?
    World Cup is one of the most views Games competing in a nearly worldwide.
    Commanders of the FIFA World Cup was the World Football League meeting that
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