Magic Mushroom

in esteem •  3 years ago 

My newest tattoo

9m7b0ksvrc.jpg Magic mushroom tattoo behind my ear. Done at Cleopatra ink in Ålesund.

Location: Ålesund, Norway
Camera: Samsung SM-G930F/ Samsung Galaxy s7

L❤VE Line Nor @norwegiansteem

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maybe its a bit big but, hmm, definitely its more visible!

how is your new self' doing?
do you feel yourself became closer to the cloud cuckoo land?..

Took that size, wouldn't want it "smudge" over time.

My New self? As in my New tattoo? I am very happy with it! I have some other tattoos aswell, they are many for appearance 😉

I am allways in touch with "my eccentric self" 😁

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wouldn't want it "smudge" over time.

well. i figured that out, a smart move.


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Wow, that's awesome!

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Thank you so much! 😁

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That's super cute! Did that area hurt? From your piercings, I'm guessing not

Thank you 😊 the piercings hurt alot more 😜

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I'm beginning to think you're a female warrior!👸

haha! can be :P

Do tell me a story!

you know, its about vikings who used to eat Amanitas, that turned them to berserks!

I had to look up what an amanita is!🍄😀

Haha, I wouldn't recomand that 😆

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but why? did you tried it yourself, and suffered from it?

No, they are very toxic 😱 I only do Psilocybe shrooms

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