Coleus in the garden; Plant care is an important component when growing Coleus.

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There are no difficulties. First of all, it is important to remember that the plant loves heat and bright light, which means that it is necessary for it to provide these conditions for growth. If everything is normal, then as a result you will get perfect bushes - lush, colorful with bright regular shape leaves.

However, do not forget that Coleus does not like direct sunlight, which is even harmful to the plant. If the weather is very dry, try to nettle plenty of water and, if possible, create a shadow.

In summer, especially on dry days, moisture from the soil actively evaporates, so be sure to fill the water balance of the soil. The best method is to sprinkle with water at room temperature, but there is also a nuance here - if the weather is sunny before spraying, create a shadow, because droplets in the sun play the role of a lens, which can even lead to burning the leaves by the sun's rays.

Cutting Coleus is a very important procedure. Feed Coleus regularly because this plant is a fast-growing fertilizer that needs to be applied at least once a week. In winter, it is necessary to reduce watering, because the root system may begin to rot, and spraying is better removed completely. Plants need pruning - you have to pinch the top of the seeds to form a crown and stimulate branching. As we get older, pruning will restore the power of decoration to nettles, here it is necessary to get rid of not only the peaks, but also the flowers, because they leaves not so saturated and bright colors.

Much more than growing this plant, winter and spring are not an obstacle to growing well. I tried it as a garden dweller and beautified the garden. Please try!


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