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"The location of the attachment"
Try to talk
If you have come to know each other
I became friendly with one another.
Has been hot before, and if they have to work together to learn.
Before knowing whether his hot
Do not worry ... this is about the people.
About items
I do not belong to no one hot
But once you become your own material
Magically started hot.
There are many valuable materials industry
But do yourself a hot otherwise.
Aye harmony ..
My hands come that I have hot baby.
I still do
Lock became wrap and there was not enough ...
Born in the greed-whoever gives a very clear.
It belongs to an apartment
Because of an apartment belonging to these
Is to buy a car
That is something to be worried about
Cold ...
Has sold all of the hands of something hot
Once sold after demanding payment
Lost all of the above
"" What time does
I follow the money
Once the waiver is no longer hot
လျှေ့ but no fire and heat can လျှေ့ but forbidding
လျှေ့ fire from several hot လျှေ့ world.
Why did you feel the heat coming from the fire.
One of the human mind
Who was born and still Gig at this attachmentraving
So everything
"The location of the attachment" ""
So, no burning thermal plants is the
Think of what is still happening
if you have been
I had greed
Abuse of people simply because greedy Monkeys
That it does not grow
She had no choice because diligent to grow because ...
"Greed," "me," was born in the same ...
Think about whether their own.

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