Install these Google Chrome Extensions to Secure Your Cryptocurrency and Online Activities

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If you are frequently using the internet for your crypto and online activities you need to secure your every online actions to keep you safe from phishing, hackers, scams, frauds, and the likes.

It's better to be safe than sorry. Bad actors nowadays have evolved, they are able to keep up with technology particularly with the nascent technology of blockchain and crypto.

Their technique is almost the same from old. But for some users it is hard to for them to tell which is good and which is bad.

Good thing we got some Google Chrome extensions that you can install to protect you from bad actors and they are for free!

Here are some of the extension that you can install (you can install them all at once if you want).

  • Uppward - created by Sentinel Protocol, it checks every website that you visit if it is safe or not. A search feature is available if you want to search for a URL (website address), wallet address, and Telegram group if they are safe or not. It is primarily built to protect yourself from crypto scams and frauds. If you are planning to invest in an ICO Uppward can help you by using its search function to check if the website and the wallet of the ICO is safe or not.

  • EtherAddressLookup - created by Harry Denley, it will warn you the website that you are visiting wants to obtain your wallet private key. If ever you found out a website used for fraud you can use the "Report a domain" function of the extension. It will also warn you if you visited a blacklisted domain.

  • MetaMask - Are you urprised? Do you thought that MetaMask is only a wallet extension? That will change now. Built by multiple devs (, inside MetaMask is a "Ethereum Phishing Detector", it will warn if you ever you landed on a website that is tagged phishing website. You can also install MetaMask on Chrome, Opera, FireFox, and Brave browsers.

  • Windows Defender Browser Protection - Built and maintained by Microsoft, it will notify you if ever you landed on a fraudulent websites. This extension is a must install since it is maintained by Microsoft you can be sure that it will work great and protect your online activities.

That's it for now guys, go and protect your cryptos!

I am an I.T. professional (Computer Engineer) working in a private company, a blogger, a father and a husband.



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